I have always dreamt of becoming a smallholder – an English version of a homesteader. I wanted to create a peaceful getaway for me any my family. We will build our own cold frames, eat our own tomatoes and cook with our eggs.
A smallholder in my mind lives a slower life, one where you can take the time to enjoy your environment. This seems initially to clash with my busy work life in the City. In reality the two worlds compliment each other very well. I am able to bring my eco-conscious approach into the city and I hope you will too.
That is where the idea for The Mini Smallholder came along. I will not be in a position to afford to give up my job and move full time to a large plot of land, but for now I want to show you that you can have a spot of your own. No matter how mini your smallholding or homestead are you can get maximum yield.
I have always loved to upcycle and repurpose old materials, so I have included plenty of projects for us all to get involved with. Some will be even suitable for community projects. That is what I am looking to build here – a helpful community of like minded eco-friendly people.
So let’s get muddy together and enjoy the little things in life! Please do share your moments with us all here on the site or via our Facebook page. You can also find us on Pinterest where we have lots of ideas to inspire you! Or on Twitter where you will find lots of options to collaborate and get involved!

You are all welcome here xxx

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About Me….


About MeHi Everyone, my name is Alex and I work in Central Birmingham in the West Midlands and have a lovely job which means I get to see the whole country. We have no children yet but we do have lots of pets and hope to expand when we get our rescue hens later this year. Having only recently moved into our ‘forever home’ means we can now start to build our very mini smallholding in the outskirts of Coventry.

I’m not going to lie this site started as a way to keep myself focused on what we wanted to achieve. Now that I am here I want to share it all with you. I am not perfect but I did used to work as a qualified electrician which is pretty much as close to perfection as you can get! I love DIY and obviously am pretty proficient with power tools and my hand skills – so I hope to show you that! I also started a craft group as I realised I was the only female working with hundreds of men everyday and it was starting to affect my vocabulary if nothing else! So I started a craft group with some girlfriends where we learnt to crochet, sew, do mosaic work and anything we could show each other. It gave me much needed female company and gave my husband an excuse to leave the house and go to the pub (he will crop up from time to time and you will see his real ale beard!). We both love gardening and creating a natural habitat as well as moving towards self-sufficiency. My ideal fantasy would be to create a community here where we can be frugal and ‘green’ as well as creative and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way. Spoiler alert – things can and do go wrong, we don’t mind showing you our mistakes as well!!!




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