Quick Easy Vegetarian Lasagne

I am not a lazy cook by nature, but why waste time and effort with no reward? When I say an easy vegetarian lasagne, I mean it, one dish, one great meal. I like to portion it up for leftovers for packed lunches and it is one of my main ‘deliberate’ leftovers meals for my Zero Waste Kitchen No Spend Wins and it could be one of yours soon too!

Easy Vegetarian Lasagne

you will need ..

lasagne dish - or small dishes to help portion it all up!

vegetables of your choice. I have gone for Onion, Aubergine, Courgette, Cherry Tomatoes, Mangetout, etc basically anything in season and from the garden for preference.

20 green olives, stoned and cut in half.

Balsamic Vinegar from Modena - if you want to be really posh!

I use fresh herbs form the garden to include – thyme, rosemary and oregano.

large glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil enough to cover the vegetables whilst they roast.

vegetarian lasagne

Roast vegetables

This is the quick and easy part! cut the onion, aubergine (eggplant) and courgette into chunks, then pop them into the lasagne dish. Don’t get too precise or too worried about them being the same size. I like a bit of variety in the dish and all of them will get cooked, but a few pieces will have a bit more bite to them. Pop the oven on to around 180. The reason I love those little dishes that I have linked to is that you can make them special to each family member. So my husband loves roast mushrooms in his lasagna and I do not! So we both win. He also like a few pieces of chopped Chorizo in his which makes me glad to have it separate! Whatever extras your family like, make it your own! This is also where I add my chopped olives, for added luxury and flavour.

vegetable lasagne
fresh and in season veg is a frugal way to eat

Lasagne made easy

This is the simple bit. Glug on the olive oil then season with salt and pepper. Next smother in fresh chopped herbs. oss the ingredients about and roast for 15 minutes.

Next simple step

Take out the dish and add the balsamic vinegar, it is up to you how much to add but I advise a good glug/two teaspoons per dish. I also add the cherry tomatoes, halved at this stage and I would recommend around 500g for four lasagne dishes. Back in the oven for another twenty minutes. In the last five minutes I like to add a tin of chopped tomatoes as well.

roast vegetable lasagne

Vegetarian lasagne with ricotta

Now for the only fiddly bit. You will take half of the roast vegetable sauce out of the dish. Then lay your lasagne sheets onto the remaining sauce. Then pop the remaining sauce on and layer with the sheets. I use a shop bought white sauce because I am lazy and a poor white sauce maker. Sue me! In all other ways I am perfectly delightful! As I may have mentioned this is an easy recipe so I then add crumbled ricotta, rather than grate cheddar cheese. You can grate cheese, and even a bit of parmesan too!

This now goes in the oven for forty minutes.

Just relax…

Once I take it out I leave it to rest and sort of firm up a bit for around five minutes. This makes it easier to remove from the dish. You can eat this with a side dish of peashoots or other microgreens for maximum flavour. If you are wheat intolerant try using potatoes in layers. First par boil them in halves for around 10 minutes, cool a little and then slice to allow them to form a layer between the vegetable sauce. As a bit of a garden fan I
 grow my own potatoes and I hope to be able to add lots of other pages for all of the other ingredients I am growing too.

easy vegetarian lasagneNice and simple family favourite, perfect reheated the next day! Good luck with your own seasonal vegetarian lasagne!