How to Make a Pom Pom Rug an Easy Craft

By making a pom pom rug, you are using up scraps of wool, left over from other crafts. You can also get the whole family in on it. No matter the skill level each family member will be able to make a pom pom for the rug! I even got some of mine in a different country to make some and hand them over at the last family meet up. This way your pom pom rug will be as unique as your family. An easier version of a family quilt!

How to make a pom pom rug

What you will need:
lots of pom poms!
slip proof mesh New Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat 
Crochet hook
Clover 1 mm Steel Soft Touch Crochet Hook

pom pom rug DIY an easy craft for warm feet
Click here for a pom pom tutorial

DIY pom pom rug tutorial

Using the scissors cut the mesh to the size you would like the rug to be. If you want a round pom pom rug, mark it out with a pen first.
Ensure that the pom poms you have made will have two long strands and then using the crochet hook pull each side through
Tie the two ends together in a reef knot – left over right and under, right over left then under. This will keep the pom pom in place without making it too tight.
Repeat step three until your mesh is full and a compact rug is created.
Cut the excess wool from the back of the mesh and then enjoy your simple rug!

This makes a lovely project for yourself and children as the pom poms are an easy craft to master and the attaching can be as haphazard as you like.

Pom Pom Rug Backing

There are options here. I like the rubberised one I have included in the materials list above. However we are an eco friendly site, and we reuse more often than we buy new. With this in mind I have dozens of hessian sacks. I use them for all sorts of things ranging from a Rag Rug to bunting for weddings. You can buy hessian sacks or ask your local free sites for old coffee sacks. Lots of people sell coffee sack rugs as they have a good grip on the floor as well. So it is up to you which type you go for. You can buy hessian here by the length. So don’t forget to factor in folding any edges over to your overall size purchased.

I also have used the proper rug backing before which looks more like this which is also easy to keep shapes within. You can cut it with a sharp pair of scissors and get a nice shape that way too.

Pom Pom Rug

For me they are fun and not meant to be perfect. If you like to pull the room together why not try to crochet a blanket with the same wool you make the pom pom rug from? The wreath below is made of scraps form a baby blanket I made and then put in the same nursery. This is the end of my ability to be an interior designer but at least I tried!

Rug making kits

In your kit you will need

various wool / yarn.
pom pom makers

rug quality canvas

then you are good to go. When making a pom pom rug into a round rug you can draw the shape first then fold it slightly over itself. The pom poms will tie through both layers and secure it. I also use hessian sack for this purpose  as you can see from the Hessian Sack Rug.



Why not also try …

scrap material 





Because these make a lovely Valentines day present they also work well with our Wedding range of homemade upcycled crafts. Have a look at some of these ideas for more inspiration!

If you are all about the unique rug making experience why not check out our Hessian Sack to Rag Rug or our Peg Loom Rag Rug Very simple to master and all you need is a coffee bean sack, or some hessian sack. It is very easy and cheap to weave a rug on a peg loom! What could be more zero waste?