Tutorial for Twig Plant Labels

We have a lot of twigs. Mainly from all of those massive looming trees we have cut down. I also like to think that I am some sort of walking garden encyclopedia but I am not! So knowing that I hate plastic but that I also want to remember what I have planted where, I have come up with twig markers as the solution! I just hope that the neighbours cat can’t read and then be more selective as to where to do his doo’s.

twigs bend in
Twigs do blend in but once this is up and flowering you will see how useful they are too!

All you need is;


a pair of Secateurs,or you could go for a Secateurs, shears and lopper combination which are very good if you have weaker grip, or arthritis.

asharp Stanley Knife

some twigs, thick enough to write on.


Safety First!

Now for the very simple bit. Holding the knife in your dominant hand. Cut away from you in gentle slices. you will not need to cut deep, just lots of little slices. I found using wet wood helped. So the fresher the better.

perfect twig…

The cutting is not ideal for small children, but the locating of the ‘perfect’ twig is! So if it involves a walk in the woods with a treasure hunt theme, or is just a way to get them off the couch, let them do the work. Maybe coincide this with a bit of habitat creation with Luxury Bug Homes?

Here is the YouTube video of my double chin showing you all how to do it. Please ignore that and see how easy it is as I tried this live for the video!


Then you can write on them with a thick-ish pen. My handwriting is fine for me to read!

My main favourite thing about the twig plant label is that I can sling it on the compost when I am ready to do crop rotation and it will decompose. Zero-Waste and zero cost and it leaves nothing icky in the ground! Wait until later in the year to see how they look next to the plants I grow as well!

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I wish I had used these on my Runner Beans as I actually got two varieties muddled up. I think it is because they were both runners beans that I thought it would be ok. It massively wasn’t as one variety were giant and the other basic. Meaning that I had overgrown stringy ones and smaller ones which should have been massive.
twig plastic free