Vegan Recipe For Hash Browns

Making hash browns using a vegan recipe seems like an easier option to us and we have a great three ingredient recipe for you to try at home. We grow a lot of our own food so this really is a fork to fork recipe! If you have a love of homegrown and organic food try out our Potato Towers as we always get a massive yield.

You Will Need;

A large potato for every adult you intend to feed

pinch of salt and a large pinch of pepper.

Equipment needed for vegan hash browns

One large metal grater, a sieve to drain it all off in and Non-stick Frying Pan

grating potato for your hash browns

The first step is the bit that I dislike. You need to grate all of the potato and it makes your hands all soggy with the starch from the potatoes. Make sure that you avoid grating yourself at the same time. We leave the skin on as there is nutritional content there!

hash browns in the making

This stage I like, because once all the potatoes have been grated, you rinse it all under a cold water tap. The water runs off in a murky way, but then becomes clear. The murkiness in the water is that starch we mentioned above. So from now on the grated potato is not too horrible to touch. You need it drained as the potato will still bond together when a little damp but not too dry. This is where non-vegan recipes introduce egg. But that is completely unnecessary as you will use your hands to squeeze the grated potato together.

The hash browns are starting to take shape  None of this is very difficult and then you can introduce the pinch of salt and large grind of black pepper. If you want a bit more bang for your buck, try a half teaspoon of dried chili flakes. I like my hash browns to be quite classic so just go for salt and pepper. You will need to move the hash browns around gently with your spatula, once they start to crisp up you can flip them.

Flipping good!

At the point of flipping they may well break a bit but it is not a problem and you can try to rejoin it together once it has been flipped. But seriously chill on this as the flavour is not affected in any way! I love them crispy so give them a little longer than my husbands, but you get complete control. I also like to fry them in coconut butter as I think that adds a bit of zing, but my husband prefers olive oil. So there we go a few extra flavour adding options.

crispy hash browns

How to serve your vegan hash browns

Far more convenient than a freezer bought type and for us it is zero cost! Even if you do buy your spuds it is still a very low cost meal. You can then fry some tomatoes, mushrooms and heat some baked beans and have a bit of breakfast treat! We are suckers for brunch in this household on a Sunday and love our Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with large hash browns and a huge side order of Feta and Avocado Guacamole which is not vegan, but is gorgeous. Just take out the feta for the vegan option.