Dried Sliced Oranges Tree Decorations

This is a very simple way to use your Dried Citrus Fruit Slices to create decorations for the tree or mantelpiece at home. The gorgeous smell they make whilst being dried will continue to fill your house once the decorations are hanging on your tree. I love to use sliced oranges, but also mix it up with a dried citrus garland to give the tree a really full feel.

Dried decorations
This sort of project will quickly become a family tradition!

All you will need is the dried orange slices and some Jute Twine.

These are simple to create and if you are afraid of using the oven to dry out the sliced oranges, you can use a food dehydrator and save yourself some time. There is still that same gorgeous smell throughout the house! I love to use the dehydrator to make dried grapefruit slices as well as limes or more colourful blood oranges. The main thing to remember is to cut them all to the same thickness! That way drying time will remain consistent.

If you use a child safety knife then everyone can join in the fun! Which is what Christmas memories are made of.

Once you have used your dehydrator or oven dried your sliced oranges you are ready to assemble. Make a small hole in the top of the sliced oranges and then push the twine through. I then loop back through. Totally biodegradable and totally rustic cottage cute. What could be better?


Either way they are very much suitable for young ones to have a go at and there is very little to get wrong with these, so have a go and see what you think!