Dried Citrus Fruit Tree Decorations

This is a very simple way to use your Dried Citrus Fruit Slices to create decorations for the tree or mantelpiece at home. The gorgeous smell they make whilst being dried will continue to fill your house once the decorations are hanging on your tree.

Dried decorations
This sort of project will quickly become a family tradition!

All you will need is the dried slices and some Jute Twine.
You can thread the twine through an old hair grip and this will act as a sort of needle to push through the slices. I then tie in a gentle knot at the top and you can then incorporate these to your Christmas Garlands to add a bit more interest over the mantelpiece or on the tree. Or they can just hang individually from the tree.

Either way they are very much suitable for young ones to have a go at and there is very little to get wrong with these, so have a go and see what you think!