How to Have an Eco Friendly House Move

Moving house can be a stressful time, where everything goes out of the window and we just panic into doing things that we wouldn’t normally be happy with. I want to create the best way for me and my family to move house and being eco friendly has to be at the heart!


Before the House Move

1. Before the eco house move can start

Start meal planning like a hero, you want to take as little consumables with you as possible but eliminate any and all waste. So start eating all the contents of the freezer. All those veg you batch froze from this years harvest, stir fry or casserole like a trooper! Make sure that all store cupboard foods are transportable in eco friendly jars. Think Mason Jars or Food Containers with Lids Natural Bamboo Fiber Airtight Leakproof Fresh Bowl , BPA Free
These will be great long term investments for any eco friendly household.

Eco friendly storage solutions
I am actually soaking these for my last batch of sprouting seeds before the move.

2.  Where can I buy eco friendly boxes for moving house?

Where I work we get lots of deliveries in large cardboard boxes, which we obviously recycle. Now I am hording these and flat packing for transport back home one at a time on the train. Similarly I am picking up old newspapers from my normal visits to family and friends. I will use these for wrapping my glassware securely. You can also buy Eco Friendly moving boxes like these from Amazon Make sure that you buy eco moving boxes! If you don’t want to use the cardboard boxes for your move why not look at eco friendly crates? Rather than hire crates we used around ten of these as we can keep using them in the future. They are a bit pricey but given that we will be able to use them forever it works out quite good value.

3. I have my eco friendly moving boxes, but what do I need to take with me?

I am sorting out my clothes into four categories; keeping, selling, charity shop and those which are beyond repair. However they will be ripe for rag rug pom poms, a gorgeous unique rug or a peg loom rug. In the UK you can use a sort of loyalty card in charity shops which takes your tax into account. This allows you to see how much your donations make a year for your charities.

eco friendly waste disposal
This takes some time, but requires very little skill, I promise!

I am also doing the same for all books, games and kitchen stuff. I am trying to be brutal as some things have moved from Wales to England and are still in their boxes 4 years later! I am also looking at upcycling and repurposing things into gifts like an old teapot and turn them into a much more eco friendly bird house! The main thing here is you do not want to take more than you need with you!

Creating a natural habitat with a repurposed teapot is a lovely gift!

4. Whether you decide to hire a van or to pay a removal firm chose one who offers the best emissions and environmentally friendly vehicles. Avoid older models as they can often have much higher emissions. I also visit relatives regularly and each time we travel in the car we will also take over some of the contents of our shed for them to store. This is almost more appropriate for the article on a stress free move rather than merely for eco friendly. It certainly relaxes me to know my seedlings are safe for another year!


A day or Two before the move

1. You will need to formally advise banks, building societies, water company, electric and gas provider ……… of your new address and move date. Why not use this as a chance to go paperless? Many banks now even offer a discount and this can really help out with your environmental impact. You could even use the house move as a way to move provider to a more eco friendly one?

2. A final deep clean of the house will make you feel a lot better about the approaching day. So why not still use all of your normal eco friendly products? Using Ecover Power Cleaner 500ml for the oven will probably be quite relaxing after all! As well as giving the bathroom one final clean with Ecover Bathroom Cleaner.

  1. Take all meter readings! Including your water meter!

We then took it as a chance to change gas and electric supplier, so have a look to Compare all licensed UK energy suppliers here!

As an added bonus why not create a few treats for the wildlife in your old garden?

DIY modern craft house move but not for the bugs

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a peaceful move to your happy new home, all the best.