Great Birthday Gifts for Gardeners

Getting the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life will mean so much more with our handpicked gifts. Whether you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for a gardener or even the perfect gift for an elderly gardener, we have the inspiration you need!

Gardeners gifts galore!

There are various degrees of engagement with gardening and we hope that the gifts we have chosen will reflect that! So if your loved one is a weekend gardener or an avid vegetable gardener for all the year, we have options!

Gifts for Gardeners Who Have Everything!

We are tough to buy for and I have to admit to being a bit picky on the gardening front. By putting the below range together I hope to have helped non-gardeners chose the right gift.  If you completely wimp out as a last resort you can always get a gift voucher from Suttons as they are wonderful throughout the year. So a Xmas gift doesn’t have to be used until the right time of year. But you are not going to wimp out, you are going to be deeply inspired by all of these options!

Gardeners gifts for under £20

Ever fancied owning a Venus fly trap? Well what about growing one yourself? This is the ultimate test of any keen gardener and can be a fun stocking filler. Perhaps carnivorous plants are not for everyone, but a challenge worth accepting! So thinking about a challenge for your keen gardener friend, what about a bonsai kit? We have the Scotts pine version and are really enjoying it!
gifts that are a challenge rockBonsai Tree Kit - Grow Your Own It really is very satisfying.

For fun and unusual gifts you can’t go far wrong with a Garden Tool Belt as you can put your own choice of tools in there. For the nature lover who is still a wild child at heart what about  Bloomin Earth Day Wildflower Seed Bomb Bags (6 Seed Bombs per Bag, 3 Bags per Pack) perfect to go a little bit rebellious with and throw around the countryside. Or just to make a little place your own.

What about a Birdhouse? Again though we want the more unusual the better! I think that this cute gifts for wildlife and you little caravan would suit most native birds. We also make a few teapot birdboxes as they are fun and can’t really go wrong.

We are super eco friendly as you all know so we loved this gifts that are good for the environment too pot maker kit. It allows you to make pots which will decompose and means that your young seedlings do not need to be repotted. We wouldn’t be without it.

Homemade gifts?

Sadly I made one of these and now

gifts to give that you enjoy
Seriously easy, and seriously cheap!

I need to keep making them! But they are seriously easy and fun to get all of the bottle tops together as well. Ours currently lives on the fence behind the tomatoes.

For those of us who are quite into our alcoholic drinks what about a grow you own cocktail kit cocktails and gardening go together with these gifts lots of fun when harvest season is upon us! This may fit into a gift for them that is really for you though? Still you can promise to help them enjoy the fruits of their labour.


Presents for Gardeners Under £50

No matter how amazing you are at gardening you will still struggle with all of those nasty little bugs. You may already know that we at The Mini Smallholder like to go natural. So these gifts will help encourage wildlife into your garden. As simple as this Ladybird Gift Box xmas gifts for gardeners it will bring in many natural predators. We gardeners love to watch the ladybirds devour our aphids and black fly!

How about the way we display our gorgeous plants? This simple
Plant Theatre - Three Tier Hardwood Herb & Plant Theatre gardeners gifts uk looks amazing with geraniums. Imagine it filled with auricula or succulents as well!

Getting back to nature lovers who also love their garden what about a Poppy Glass Bird Bath I like this one as it will not fade in the daylight. It is also quite bold so would give a bit of winter colour to any garden. These make really great gifts for gardeners as we love to see the birds swooping in when we are turning soil.

This gift does not get much better than an urban tree pack, brought from the Woodland Trust. perfectly designed with a smaller space in mind. They have various packs available for the lover of gardens and wildlife.

This outdoor gothic mirror from the National Trust is lovely in a smaller garden. Smaller gardens do sometimes need that extra bit of planning and this mirror will open the space right up.

Gifts for over £50

This is a seriously sexy bit of kit for any serious gardener, the Antique Amphora Terracotta decorative water butt with plant cup (200L) allows for water storage which is discrete and does not limit your growing space.
it will hold 120litres of lifegiving water underneath the planter. So gone are the days of ugly water butts ruining your perfect garden space. This means gardeners can install water storage closer to where we are going to use the water, without the big butt issue.

What about a relaxed space for them to go and enjoy some peace and quiet? AHammock would really help any stressed out nature lover I know!

I know most gardeners love to make the most from the vegetables that they grow so what about acold smoke generator kit we have had lots of success with ours and have even put together a DIY Cold Smoke Generator – how to guide. For those wishing to buy a cold smoker as well you can find a lovely kit here which is just a very fun piece of kit to use!

Gifts for the younger nature lover

Children’s Gardening Set and Growing Kit Green This is ideal for a younger child as it contains tools which they can use, but also very easy to grow seeds. My advice would be to find the perfect patch and sacrifice it to the experiments of your child. They can water the wildflower seeds to their hearts content and they are pretty hardy.

gifts for them and you Healthy Caterpillar Grow Kit by Plant Theatre - Educational GiftThe thing I most like about the healthy caterpillar is how simple the design is. This one will be more of a joint project between you and your child, but it will be a lot of fun either way!

Fun for the whole family


birthday gifts for gardeners

ideal garden giftsMy RSPB Nature Craft Box: Make and Play this is suitable for those of us who are young at heart and want to play with our children! Lots of interactive games, which have a sneaky educational message as well.

Whilst we are thinking of the RSPB why not look towards a family membership? It will mean a whole year of access to activities and interactive days out.

What about no spend gifts? We love to do activities together and when on a budget it’s fun things like setting up a bird feeding station. So we make Pine Cone Bird Feeders after a long walk collecting the perfect pine cones! We have an apple tree that seems to only grow really yucky tasting apples so we make apple bird feeders which go down a treat with the less fussy birds.

If your child is making gifts for friends at school for Christmas we tried monkey nut wreaths as the perfect transportable gift. They can be decorated with the ribbon of choice and make a really cute gift to encourage others to be nature lovers too.

Presents for the kids, which are really for you!

So they have grown their wildflowers, set up their Luxury Bug Homes and even made a bird feeding station. basic bird feeding station for garden lovers gifts Now what? Well what about a Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision,

Now it is time for a bit of honesty. I love gardening and that my gorgeous nephews want to ‘help’ but how helpful are your kids at the moment? A gift for them which is really for me was to create a raised bed using an old tyre. This meant that any over enthusiastic weeding can take place within their own bit of the garden. Also when they then grow edibles they will 100% eat vegetables they wouldn’t otherwise eat. Trust me on this one! This will save you having to monitor what they are doing so heavily.

no spend gardeners gifts
This one was painted and planted by Ellis, who was 7 at the time of painting but 8 when planting.

If you want a mini raised bed and don’t fancy the old tire look, check out the options I have found from Hadra, They come in at around £70 so represent a solid investment.


Whatever you decide to go with, just make sure that it is chosen with love and it will be received with love too.


What is the best gift for a gardener?

Interestingly not plants or seeds. We have a plan for our garden and therefore we know what we want, an unexpected plant can throw us off. Something unusual, handmade or a bit more DIY are very much appreciated. We have handpicked some of our favourite quirky gifts we have been given!

What to buy a gardener who has everything?

Anything unusual, or a challenge. I loved my bonsai seed kit I got given, so we have included it here. A keen gardener will love anything that encourages wildlife into their garden, so we have included fun birdhouses, ladybird hotels and all sorts here. You can’t go wrong with a gift voucher if you do wimp out so we have even got links to some of the best online garden stores. Have you thought about membership to certain charities that support heritage planting?

What is the best gift for a young gardener?

We have included some great gifts for beginners as you don’t want to scare them off. Even giving your child their own raised bed can be enough to encourage them on their journey.

Handmade gifts for Gardeners – Stocking fillers!

planting garlic in October