crochet heart made from scrap yarn

Simple Crochet Heart Pattern

A crochet heart is a lovely addition to any gift set, whether it is for Valentine’s day or any token of love. We wanted to show you a simple pattern and offer you the chance to try crochet for yourself!

For Your Crochet Heart You Will Need

    1. Crochet hooks
    2. Cotton red yarn or any scrap yarn you have.

YouTube Tutorial


How to make a magic circle

crochet heart Bring the tail through to the front of your fingers, wrapping the wool from the ball around under and behind.

crochet magic circle
Then take the top wool across the original piece. Forming a crossover.
hearts for valentines day
Then using your crochet hook, pull the second thread of wool through, I twist here to help keep the tension.
chain three
then chain three into the loop you have created.

Now to make the crochet heart

You will need to do three trebles into the magic circle. Ensure that you keep the tail to the left and that you incorporate it into the stitches. 

Then you will crochet 3 doubles into the circle. Finishing with a treble at the point.

Now you work your way back up in reverse. 3 doubles, followed by 3 trebles. Then chain three and push your hoot through the centre of the tightened crochet heart and create a slip stitch. 

Tie it to the back with a half reef knot, left over right and under. This way you will have a smooth peachy bump either side of the heart. 

easy beginners crochet project  

For me this is an ideal beginners project but you could try to Crochet Face Scrubbies for your next project, or even go a slightly higher level with Waffle Stitch Crochet as I love the effect. 

We have lots of other ideas you may love including Peg Loom Rag Rug as a fun traditional way to use up scrap materials.

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