Make an Eco Friendly Scourer Pad Today

Making a scourer pad for the kitchen is one of the easier crafts you can try at home and it is zero waste because the twine you use will compost when it is a bit tired and sad. I have invented the instructions as I couldn’t find much to inspire me already. You can play it lose and fast or you can copy exactly. I am a bit rogue and would recommend watching the how to video and then going it alone. I love my crochet kitchen scrubbies!


Why make your own scourer pads?


zero waste scourer ingredients
You will use less than three metres of twine, which I pu at around 15 pence.


I have decided to make our own scourer as we needed to but new ones and the old one was not recyclable. Frankly it is much more expensive to buy ones in single use plastic which has been driven around the country than it is to use a few metres of twine from a ball you may already have in the shed. I love a green scouring pad and I think they are super convenient to make.

It is part of a bigger challenge for us, No Spend Year and this is one which I am tackling in two ways. The first is to stop all non-essential spends. The second is to cut the cost of all of those that are necessary. This is a prime example of the later! Trust me if it is not as good as a regular scourer I will shout up and let you know!

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You will need;


Twine String

Crochet Hook – I recommend this one as you get a lot of different sizes and you may want a tighter weave than usual.

It does all sit within my Zero Waste No Spend Kitchen Wins  and obviously the no spend element is an added bonus to an alternative which can be slung on the compost heap after it has finished being useful.

YouTube How To


It is so hard to explain how to do it so just have a watch of my hands! I would advise watching with the kit in front of you and pausing it when you need to. There is nothing wrong with undoing it again and again!

What to do if you are not keen on crafts, and want to buy a scourer?

Let’s face it, I love crafts. This entire site is about crafting and handmade. However I can admit that not everyone loves crochet, so here are a few options for you to buy off the shelf. I will admit it is possible that you don’t want to make your own scourer pads!

So for more ideas of making your kitchen zero waste have a look at Zero Waste No Spend Kitchen Wins. If you are feeling really in to your upcycling projects have a read of our article on making a magnetic blackboard!
Good luck and do share with us all how you are getting on!


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