Seed Paper Wedding Favours

What is Seed Paper?

Paper which has been impregnated with seeds. I think they are a lovey gift. A great way to get people with little gardening skills to grow their own flowers. A lovely token to remember your wedding by. Most importantly Seed Paper is very easy to make yourself! The only thing I don’t like about it, is that it is basically paper impregnated with seeds and it just sounds less romantic when put like that!

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You could buy ready made ones like this or you could make your own…..

I am making my own, obviously! Mainly because I was asked to by a gorgeous friend who is getting married later this year. She has asked me to do two types. One of which is naturally wildflower seeds. I have chosen easy to grow and self seed mix, native to the British Isles.


Something like this is ideal as it works well in the shade and will require little to no maintenance once planted. Go for flowers like Strawflower (Helichrysum bracteatum) or Nigella - love in A Mist

I am sneaking in Sweet Alyssum Snowcloth because of how easily it covers and the fantastic smell, almost like honey. Obviously no wildflower garden would be anywhere without Poppy Seeds - Lilac Pompom I have chosen a slightly more fantastic poppy to the usual type. All of the flowers I have chosen go with the rustic wedding theme.

Personalising your seed paper

My bride to be has a bit of a cute story around Brussel Sprouts. Unbelievable I hear you shout! So rather than ‘ruin’ the seed paper I am going to pop another one together for just Brussel Sprouts! Those ones I will do as little green discs, imaginative I know! I will use natural food dye in the process for that! Or even add spinach as it will give a little bit of texture as well.


How do you make plantable seed paper?

plantable seed paper

Plantable seed paper has to start somewhere, in this case as Maths GCSE revision. You could also do a short cut and take home a small paper bag of shredding from work. The ultimate repurposing!

Using a blender

Take around 5 A4 sheets of used revision – check with the teenager first! Shred it up a bit and pop it into the blender. You want to get one from a charity shop or cheap online one like this as it will be ideal for other uses if it dishwasher safe and can be cleaned thoroughly. The one I used was a hand me down from a car boot sale. seed paper shred luckily my mum wont read this to see how I am not being a culinary guru and using this for chopping nuts. Sorry Mum!

Add two cups ( you can add literal cups from the cupboards or use something like these.)of boiled water. Leave for a few minutes to soak in and then blast it. You should be able to control the consistency of your new pulpy gloop. Which is the technical bit, the longer you zap it for the smoother the mixture.

seed paper pulp

This one looks quite a nice valentines colour, obviously a bit too much red pen. You can add food colouring and now is the time. Try to find a nice natural food colouring, this one is suitable for vegetarians!

Chill out

So this part takes a little while but requires zero input from you. Wait until the pulp is completely cool. Warmth at this stage will awaken the germ within the seed. You do not want sprouting paper! Once it is cool you can give it another blast in the mixer. That way you get a smoother paper. I like it rustic so I don’t get too carried away with perfection.

Seeds to be added

Calm yourself with this one as some people like to fill the paper with seeds. It all depends on the mix but you want around 1/2 teaspoon of seeds for each favour. With this mix you will get around 16 favours. Rather than put the favours out on the tables I think it is better to have them in a basket. That way those who will plant them will take them. Zero waste! So make sure that the seeds you impregnate in the paper are the right ones for you! Suttons Seeds have a good range for you to find the right seeds for your own unique seed paper!

with seed

Get involved

You may get a little soggy and pulpy now. I am sure some people are very good at avoiding this. I just haven’t ever learnt it!

You will need some old cardboard, over a cooling rack. I have used a pizza box, shiny side down. We really are totally up to eyes in GCSE revision!! Lots of pizza and easy quick meals I am afraid, nobody said we were perfect!

seed paper seepage


I love the classic heart shaped and you can either use a sharp pair of scissors and a template or
Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters and I prefer the cookie cutter method. So now you need a spoon and the cutter to be laid out on the cardboard on top of the Cooling Rack.

I’m not too fussed with perfection with regards to thickness, however the thinner they are the more quickly they will dry out. So once the are in the cookie cutter I try to flatten them as much as is natural. Water will seep outwards, which is great. If you want to attach these to instructions for use, or a little label, add the hole whilst still in the cutter.

If you are the impatient sort you can apply the hairdryer on cool. I am quite patient and able to go to the garden to pass time! This should take at least an hour. Then I pop another layer of cardboard on top of the shapes.


seed paper complete
I am really proud of my first attempt and will now be experimenting with even more shapes and seeds!

Ready to give the gift of flowers..

I would pop them in to a basket on a table as the guests are entering the room. I think I will keep my instructions separately. All you need to do is plant in a pot or the ground and water over the top. Some seeds will need a little dusting of soil, but your paper will help protect them until they sprout. Seeds impregnated in paper could sound a little harsh but as we now know how to make our own paper, it is simplicity itself!

If you are looking for other great gifts for gardeners have a look at our page Great Gifts for Gardeners all for nature lovers in general, naturally!

I love a good zero waste party and a wedding should not be any different. I made stars from old books as well as paper chains for our wedding.
Why not add this to a few other rustic Wedding ideas like  Woollen hearts or pom poms or even a simple paper chain?