How to Make Pocket Hand Warmers

Pocket Hand Warmers are this seasons must have accessory! Whilst walking to the train station for work on a Monday morning, think how much nicer life would be with snuggly hands in your pockets. You can use rice or wheat as your fillings. As long as you only microwave for 30 seconds at a time. Zap and test and you can get the perfect temperature for you. I find them an ideal gift as they take minutes to make and cost pence per pair.

To make hand warmers you will need.

Needle and thread, or a complete Sewing Kit
Dressmaking Scissors
fat quarters 15cmx30cm more or less
Rice or Wheat.

If you like to learn by watching a YouTube video have a look, you can pause and start again as often as you like!

Pocket Hand Warmer Tutorial


  1. Firstly measure the material and cut to the 15cm by 30cm we mentioned above, or any sort of similar size is ok.
  2. Fold the material so it now forms a square 15cm by 15cm, the print should be on the inside of the fold. Or you may say that the bolder print is facing itself.
  3. Thread the needle and start to make stiches around a fingers width from the fold along the outside of the three sides of the material. Go all the way to the end and tie off.

best hand warmers in the making

  1. From the gap you have left you can now fold the material through and turn it the right way out. I use a crochet hook and this helps me to poke it out of the hole.
  2. Once all of the corners have been gently pushed out you are now able to carefully and slowly pour the rice or wheat in to the hole you have created. I use a piece of paper I have turned into a cone shape as this helps me avoid spills.
  3. Fill to around 3/4 full and then use the needle and thread to sew it up as neatly as you can!

  4. is give these to a friend who you want to make very happy! For best results microwave for 30 second blasts and shake a little in between each blast – the pocket hand warmers, not the friend.


snugglypocket hand warmers
My friends love me for me, but a few of these don’t go a miss either! Snuggly friends are happy friends! So enjoy the gift giving.


Reusable Hand Warmers – best hand warmers!

I find pocket hand warmers made with rice or wheat to be the perfect zero waste way to stay snuggly. I don’t mind saying that since I have stopped working on building sites I have become a real lush. Keeping warm as my biggest priority. So my being microwave safe, these bags become my go to before leaving the house. You can buy electric rechargeable ones, however they are filled with chemicals and come in plenty of extra plastic. You can also buy disposable hand warmers, but that is not the way of our site! Our way of making your own pocket hand warmers is much more sustainable. So for a zero waste gift, to yourself eve, get stuck in! A perfect piece of self care luxury.


If you like this way to use fat quarters why not also try DIY Wheat Heat Packs and see where else your imagination can take you!

There is nothing to stop you making these reusable pocket warmers! Get stuck in and please do share your images and successes with us all! If you do decide to go with a sewing machine and not hand stitching we will forgive you! In fact if you are new to sewing machines in general have a look at Best Sewing Machine for Beginners to find out more around which machine would suit your needs.

scrap material upcycled and repurposed hessian sack to a rag rug

fat quarters