How to Make a Pom Pom Heart Wreath

A perfect gift for any baby shower, this cute wreath is easy to make and takes no real skill at all! This how to make guide is very easy and fun for all the family.
For the beginners guide of how to make a pom pom please follow the link.

Alternatively you can watch a short video I have made.

You will soon master making pom poms. Then get stuck in for a few evenings.

Once you have made enough pom poms all you then need is a solid frame to build around, I found this one in a pound shop and this means I can then leave long ties for the pom poms and then create my own wreath. You can also glue the Pom Poms on using a craft Glue Gun, simple frames to buy could be 12 Inch Heart Wire Wreath Frame

Pick colours to suit your moods
This DIY wreath is easy to adapt to any occasion, in this example it is for my baby niece, but I want to make one for Christmas as well.

You will be able to build the wreath as you go and it is not a difficult craft to master.

easy to make DIY wreath
Heart shaped pom pom wreath, ideal for a baby shower.

Let me and everyone else on here know how you get on with it, why not give it a go over one cold winters evening?

Once you have caught the pom pom making bug, why not give these a try too? You will be able to get the perfect pom pom every time.
scrap material needle felted baubles

You will love these easy pom poms!