Making a cloche out of single use plastic

A plastic cloche is designed to save young plants from too much water or frosty mornings. I also have an issue with the neighbours cat digging up bulbs. These plastic bottles as cloches work out as a win-win situation.

I also do not want to spend money either. So my parameters are zero waste and zero cost!

How does a plastic cloche work?

These rock as you can use them year on year. I want to use a successional planting plan so when the plants are mature enough I can move them on to the next. All you need are friends who drink lots of soda. Then ask them to visit and bring their recycling with them. Honestly my friends in no way think that I am weird!

They are just like any other type of mini greenhouse. You can regulate the water. You can also take them off in warm sunshine and then replace before a frost. It helps to regulate the temperature.

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Cloche YouTube video

I have made a short video outlining cutting the top of the bottle.

Like all of my videos this is a little bit double chin happy, but you get the idea. Please be careful with your knife use, as ever cut away from yourself and keep all digits out of the way!

Planting using a cloche

I have also popped a short video together for how to use them in the garden too,

I do prefer the second video, just for keeping myself out of the way! You can use the cloche for bulbs and seeds. They really protect your seeds from birds as well because the way they catch the light puts them off a lot. It also means you can control the amount of water they receive. Plus they stay lovely and warm, vital during these unpredictable Spring nights.

If you don’t fancy a plastic cloche

You can also try a Glass bell jar type of cloche which work in much the same way. I prefer the plastic cloche because it stops single use plastic going straight to the recycling and becoming wasteful. But I also think for a longer term investment the glass cloches are lovely too.


For more gorgeous ideas of how to help your seedlings have a look at Sprouting Seeds  and how this can increase yield. We are very keen on making the most of what you have got. With that in mind we are currently Harvesting Runner Beans Seeds for Next Year as another way to produce cost free food.

So this is cost free and there is no reason why you shouldn’t give this a go!

upcycling ideas, easy for your garden

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