Best Kitchen Waste Compost Bins

Kitchen waste compost bins vary greatly but they are so important for any household looking to reduce their waste. As you will know from our Zero Waste No Spend Kitchen Wins article we take waste very seriously. We do love our gardening so free quality soil is worth its weight in gold!

Kitchen Waste Compost Bins

All fresh food can be composted outside. This means vegetable peelings or scraps. Our kitchen waste composting bins will never see cooked foods or meats. This is to avoid any vermin to visit the garden. Really important for us as we have chickens in our garden and we don’t want them to feel threatened by any giant rats!

Country Cottage Chic : 1.3 gallons with non smell filters

Compost bin for the kitchen
Stylish country cottage which is made of rust free material. There is also a non smell filter. This is deceptively large at 1.3 gallons.

Easy Clean kitchen waste compost bin : 1.75 gallons

OXO compost bin easy clean
This bin takes 1.75 gallons of kitchen waste and is easy clean and ideal for a worktop that is a bit narrow.

Under Worktop Kitchen Waste Compost Bin : 1.5 gallons 

under counter compost bin
This is a perfect container for a smaller kitchen. It is tucked out of the way and can take 1.5 gallons of waste. Ideal for a family with little space to waste.

Vintage Blue Compost Bin : Country Chic 

Kitchen Waste compost bins don't come much cuter than this
This kitchen waste compost bin is super cute and even includes a carbon filter to reduce odour as much as possible.

DIY Cat or Dog compost bin : 1.3 gallons

The most family friendly compost bin
This bin arrives white, ready for you to decorate with the stick on dog or cat motifs. Super fun to get kids into kitchen composting. 

We hope that you all feel inspired to get composting and sign up to find out more ways you can help to reduce your household waste!


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