Christmas Crafts and Treats

At Christmas we tend to splash out in all the wrong areas. We know that quality time together creates the memories and not how much we spend in cash! So why do we continue to make the same mistakes? I hope that I can inspire us all to a better festive period with homemade crafts ready for new family traditions. From filling the house with gorgeous smells with dried oranges to spending Boxing day repurposing old wrapping paper. Let’s make this year an easy debt-free year without feeling like we are on a budget. You can have all of this and benefit the planet as well by not contributing to the landfill which Christmas can result in!
These ideas are just the start of what I refer to as Luxury Economy. When you practice and get your skills together these will look like the most expensive artisan rustic crafts, which is what they are of course! I would really like to hear how you get on with these crafts and treats and would love some images from your Christmas creations. You can Subscribe or use our contact page to get in touch. Please start to share your successes with the community we are creating here.

Rustic Christmas ornament

DIY modern craft


needle felted baubles

Lots of these Christmas ideas are traditional with a little spice for a twist, some are pure DIY. All are family friendly to get the kids involved and create those memories. So please remember that a budget Christmas is not a Penny Pincher Christmas, you are not a Grinch if you don’t get in to debt!