DIY Christmas or Wedding Paper Crafts

Paper is a reusable resource and for this easy DIY project I have chosen an old book, but why not look at road maps or sheet music instead?

As it is so easy you will need just a Safety Scissors 6 pages from an old book and a Glue Stick

I have included the ‘how to’ video below, for those of you who like to watch and pause it may be a helpful resource.

For those of you who enjoy a step by step guide, here goes.

Firstly fold the page to make a square, keep teh bottom section as we have another project we can use that in.

paper crafts made easy
step 1, nice and easy

Then turn it around as if it was a triangle and cut from the folded edge towards the centre, but not as far as the centre.

simple rustic craft
Step 2

Repeat this at regular intervals, you decide how chunky you want each section to be and this will vary with different paper you use.

Step 3, accuracy is not really required, just try to match each side

Now you are going to open it back out to a square. Then use the glue stick and a little bit of careful folding and holding with the centre double triangle. You are looking to form the perfect cylinder shape. Hold it for a few seconds for the glue to dry.

Step 4

Next turn the paper over and fold the next two sections back. Use a little bit of glue and again hold them until they dry.

paper crafts are easy
Step 5 – it really is as easy as turning it each time and gluing!

You will repeat this until you have all of the ‘tabs’ folded and stuck together.

Zero waste and zero money and very little time, what could be better?

Once you have made 6 of these you can attach them to one another with the biggest side of one to the smallest side of the other.

DIY eco-friendly wedding decoration

Now I think these rock as either a wall hanging or tree decoration. They are rustic but classy so would work well at Christmas or a country wedding.

If you are looking for further decoration inspiration check out the buttons below!

Rustic Christmas ornament

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