Plastic Bottle Recycled to Watering Can

Plastic bottles are mainly single use and are easily recycled across the globe. Why not reuse them, meaning you save money and resources? If you have ever asked ‘How can I reuse plastic bottles at home’ this is 100% the right site for you. The reuse of plastic waste is on all of our minds. And we are all responsible for making a change!
This is a simple tip. It is not suitable for all children of all ages, adult supervision is required. Here is our video tutorial..

What you will need:

Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Kit, 60W Adjustable Temperature Soldering-iron Gun Kit 
used plastic bottles. If you don’t use plastic bottles yourself there will be people you know who would donate.

Plug the soldering iron in ensuring that it is on a solid surface and not likely to fall or be disturbed. Once it has reached heat simply make holes in the lid or the top section of the empty clean bottles.
ensure that the soldering iron is switched off and kept out of reach of children and animals.

recycled plastic bottles to waterign cans
Click on the image to see the video tutorial.

Then you can use the watering cans to keep your plants hydrated indoors and in the garden. For a few ideas of what else you can do in your garden with single use plastics please have a look here!

reuse, recycle , repurpose
No room for waste in this easy to follow recycling project!

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