Dried Citrus Slices for Decorations

First of all you will need to make some dried citrus fruit and this is the first step to a festive home, filled with gorgeous scent. Dried citrus slices can come in all different sizes, but not thicknesses. So if you are slicing grapefruit, or limes keep the thickness consistent. It makes the next step easier.

Putting the dried citrus slices to good use.

Once you have your dried citrus slices you will also need some twine and an old hair grip. If you do have a large needle (the sort you would use for knitting etc) then that will work too.
You will need to thread the twine through the hair grip and then you can push it through the centre of each segment.

Citrus and twine with a hair grip
Using a hair grip to thread the twine through makes it a lot easier and the citrus holds its shape.

Once you have enough dried citrus you can decide if you want to make a wreath from it or if you would like to make a garland for the tree or mantelpiece. At the moment we don’t have a mantelpiece so I have combined it with a few other crafts to make a display on an old upcycled cabinet we have.

Dried citrus wreath

I want our entire Christmas to be zero waste and these citrus garlands can be composted at the end of the season, and the rustic pom poms have stopped waste fabric being put into landfill. The paper hearts are an easy craft to master and I will pop a video up for those later this week as I plan on making an entire bouquet to mix in with my dried hydrangea flowers. The pine cones were a family effort and we have enjoyed bringing the outside in to our home.
I hope you enjoy trying these crafts out too.


It is 100% not cheating if you fancy trying to use a food dehydrator as it can really speed up the process. Lets me honest. If you want to be even quicker you can always buy some dried citrus slicesto speed the process up a bit.

Rustic Christmas ornament

needle felted baubles