Wooden Stars Christmas Decorations

These chunky wooden stars are the perfect eco-friendly Xmas decorations! You can make them as a family and keep them until next year or compost and make new ones each year as part of your Christmas preparations. We prefer the chunky wooden stars in our household, but you can go for small wooden decorations by using this method as well!

This is fiddly and not as easy to make as I had first thought. The reality is that the twigs move around when you are tying them off, so just be prepared to have a little fight on your hands!

Wooden Stars Material List

eco friendly decorations

Twine Garden String
Natural Yarn, 100% Cotton

lots of similar thickness twigs and a

pair of Heavy Duty Secateurs

we also used a scrap of ribbon, any will do. Even the type you get in clothes that you usually cut out!

Getting started

This is a child friendly project and you can judge how hands on you want them to be. I cut the twigs down to roughly 8 inches and then just let them crack on. So all I did was make a pile of twigs and cut little lengths of cotton as well. Then we drew a rough star of David as guidance. That is a five sided star.

You can see from the above image that we did offer the kids the option of using thread with gold and silver in, but they have just done a big school project on pollution and how long things take to decompose. So we decided to avoid all possible non bio degradable materials. So cotton and twine are perfect.

Fiddly bits

Tying off was fiddly and we tried to get a relaxed approach for the kids. So you will need to thread behind and round in the two different directions. chunky wooden stars
This will allow you to get a rigid connection as well as to get the right angles you need for a five sided star. rustic wooden stars Obviously we are thinking these are fun to make but you do need to keep tweakign as you go. So here you can see I am holding the last piece in place as it is the one which will hold them all in shape. But again we are trying to be chill with it and not going for shop made mass produced perfection! An eco friendly Christmas can also be a relaxed one!

Final touches for your wooden stars

We then looped a spare bit of ribbon through the top. If we plan on putting these to the compost bin after Xmas we will need to remove the ribbon and save for another project. So zero waste and perfection in creating memories.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Inspiration!