Woollen Hearts Step by Step

Hearts are the international symbol of love. So let’s explore how you can use this simple craft as a token of love to that special someone. It requires justLeftover Yarn ,some scraps of cardboard, and acrochet hook.


plump heart

Let’s get started;

Get a nice template drawn of a heart on to the cardboard. By using the brown corrugated cardboard that comes with all deliveries, it is free. So free and saving recycling means it ticks a lot of boxes for me!

Once it is cut out, make a hole in the apex of the hearts (sorry for the wording, just have a look at the photo!)

woollen hearts and crochet hook

You can then pull a short length of wool through, this will become the loop you hang it from so the length is up to you.

wrap the hearts up

You are then ready to decide how ‘plump’ you want your heart. I am going for a rustic look, which I think works well with some of the cardboard showing through. Others like to have none show and just lots of wool.

When you are ready to finish the heart just use the crochet hook to pull the last bit through and it will be hidden from view.

secured woollen hearts

Hearts Galore!

These work well on their own as a token of love. Or you can make them into a garland as I have done. I want to make a LOT for a rustic wedding I have coming up but I also think that the bunting works well in co-ordinating colours for a babies nursery.

hearts in a row

Video Tutorial

Well not all of us can read instructions and follow them.  I can’t. So here is a quick video tutorial!


So if it is romance or sentimental that you are going for I hope these give the right message!

What Else?


If it is for a wedding team it up with a few other rustic ideas like our rustic pom poms or our very simple recycled book paper chain

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Thank you and get stuck in.