How to live an environmentally friendly life

Environmentally speaking I know we could all do more to minimise our impact. We all have busy modern lives and I hope that we have shown you lots of ways to slow down and reduce our waste. Zero waste is a lovely goal, but realistically if we all aim to be more environmentally aware we can start to make a difference. Simple avoidance of single-use plastics is hard enough, but is it enough? Our goal is to move to a more eco-aware life.

simple swaps for an environmentally friendly life

A few simple changes will be a good place to start and I hope as we grow over the years, you all come on board and try new ideas. I would also love you to share your ideas and successes with our community of like minded people.
We are stronger together and together we can all make a difference. I am moving towards being more ‘green’. I want to show you all a few of these easy steps.
So let’s get started!
















1 month no spend challenge






reusable sanitary pads good or bad


magnetic blackboardex-battery hens rehomed



fuel efficient

bottle tops

environmentally friendly life - zero waste snacks

zero waste bathroom swaps