Kitchen Waste Compost Bin Liners

We create a fair bit of kitchen waste for our compost bin, but don’t get me wrong I hate cleaning it after emptying outside. It is a joy to be able to create our own compost and our wood pallet piles are great. It is just the horrible smelliness of it all in our kitchen. Using old newspapers works out very well and allows us to empty our kitchen waste with very little fuss!

compost bin with wooden pallets
Putting your kitchen waste to good use.

It is hard to be zero waste in all things as well as low cost well this one is perfect. It is a no cost solution to our kitchen waste problem. SO here I will break it down into steps.

To make zero waste compost bin liners you will need:

A few pages from an old newspaper. That is it. But think outside of the box here! I make my husband gather all of the old used Metro’s at the end of each day. Our neighbours also take a daily newspaper so we are the grateful recipients there as well. The truth is we use old newspapers for so many things that it is a shame we don’t ever read one!

Newspaper Bin Liner – no staples or glue!

We want to pop the whole bin out and take to the compost bin as one. So whilst I am not mad keen on the ink from the pages in my compost I can deal with it far better than I could staples or glue! Therefore an origami approach needs to be taken.

 How to Fold the Newspaper to Make a Compost Bin Liner

Safely remove staples in the newspaper, if there are any.

newspaper bin liner

Fold to a triangle and cut away the spare.

newspaper triangle will become a compost bin liner

Then move the points of each triangle inwards as shown here.

compost bin liner for free    three sheets of newspaper to make one compost bin liner

Next fold the top in half to open up the pouch.

newspaper to compost bin liner pouch it will now fit to the kitchen waste caddy

You will then need to be gentle and open it up.

newspaper bin liner

When full take out and let the composting process do it’s job!




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