Reusing a Teapot as a Birdbox

A nature lovers garden can never have too many nest boxes and this easy teapot to bird box will be a really unique gift! With the bird nest plans we will share together it couldn’t be easier.

This is a really easy project which fits all of the smallholder criteria of reusing and hand crafting so why not get stuck in this weekend?

teapot to bird box


You will need….


Length of wood no less than 800cm in length and wide enough to accommodate your teapot and lid.

Combi drill with accessories which includes a wood bit wide enough for a screw to get through.

teapot, used and bought at a charity shop is best for quirky and good value

Hand sawthe better the quality the easier it is to be accurate

pot of Gorilla Glue, following all the instructions for safe use!

tester pot of wood paint, usually less than £2 in all DIY stores

Set Square– if you care about right angles, but trust me the birds wont mind too much!


teapot to birdbox
Not looking too much like a birdbox just yet!

Stay safe whilst making this bird box

Start by placing your teapot on the wood with enough room above to drill the hole to hang it. Use the set square to mark out a straight line for where you be sawing. Then position yourself directly above where you intend to saw. Please be careful with fingers at this stage, and I tend to find the smaller the fingers the easier it is to get them confused with the wood. If you look on top of the line you have drawn it is much more likely that you will have a clean cut, this is because you can go nice and slowly and reposition as and when needed. Let the saw do the work and do not apply any pressure.


Cutting the wood for your bird box

bird teapot 3.JPG

You are hoping to get a nice clean cut and then you can rest the pot on this piece and leave the lid on the rest of the wood to mark out again. I like it when the spout touches the piece of wood which will become the bottom as this gives it a bit more stability when the glue is drying. The lid will become a place to pop seeds to try to entice the birds to make a nest in their new home. teapot to bird box

Time to get sticky

Once you have sawn your second piece of wood you can then glue them together, I really think reading the pot is a good idea as Gorilla glue will stick anything to anything, you included! This is then a good time for a cup of tea for yourself as it will take around 20 minutes to go off and an overnight stint to be solid. After this I then paint it the colour I want, as being more quirky is a good idea, and it helps to make it a unique gift!

Child friendly bit

Once the paint is dried you can then drill your hole to hang the teapot from, so once again place it on the wood to ensure you mark out with enough space. When using the drill be sure to gently squeeze as this will limit the splinters and create a neater finish.

You are now ready to glue the teapot to the wood, then wait a few hours before gluing the lid. This one is for a friend who is turning the big 50 and I wanted to give her something as special as her, but I chose a teapot with a rounded lid so had to also develop a unique was to hold it in place whilst the glue dried!

bird teapot 5.JPG

reusing a teapot

What could be a sweeter recycled birdbox? I love this as a fathers day gift!

If you have made your birdhouse, why not watch your birds nesting?

If you fancy attracting more birds to the garden, think about what you would like in a your natural habitat. Somewhere cosy to sleep, some food and some water. So for creating more food areas try a few luxury bug homes as they can produce a natural feeding area. I also love to watch my wildlife arrive and you could go far wrong than installing a Bird Box Camera Kit

The one shown is a basic kit and very good for a family project.  If you want to up your game to a wireless bird box camera this is a good place to start. You can then see if you enjoy the reasonably priced version and upgrade at a later date if needed.

Bird Box Position

Does it really matter where you site your bird box? Yes it does as you want to think of their home as your own. You wouldn’t like too much sun, or wet wind blowing in through your front door. So find somewhere 2-4 meters high. Without direct sunlight all day. So a bit of shade from another building or trees. Then ensure that it will allow for a clear flight path for any feathered friends.


Shopping list or ‘reusing what you have already got’ list

This is a fine wood saw and will last a long time if looked after, it makes a nice addition to any toolbox and you will be reusing this time and again.

Now this is the big investment piece for your toolbox, therefore think carefully before you purchase a low cost drill, quality will pay you back.

If you are then looking for a modern way to feed those gorgeous birds then have a look at Festive Homemade Birdfeeder

magnetic blackboard

Good luck with your teapot to birdhouse project! I hope to be kept posted either on instagram @theminismallholder or via our facebook page!