Easy Upcycling Ideas for your Garden

Upcycling doesn’t have to be hard work and we want to show you lots of easy ideas for the modern home. Our ideas are fun and playful, so please enjoy yourselves and watch your confidence soar.

Upcycling an old teapot to a birdbox

easy upcycling ideas Whether you are looking for an ideal eco-friendly gift or want to create a wildlife garden this project is cute and easy. If you would like a step by step guide have a look at our tutorial here.

Upcycled Beer Bottle Tops

easy upcycling ideas OK so cards on the table this one is a toughie if you don’t have a pub down the road! I was working away from home and staying in a hotel, so the staff kept all of the bottle tops for me. We also have a lot of wooden pallets given to us from my employer. So this cost us the amount to buy the glue. I now have a fair few more ideas to put in place before Christmas! For a free guide to making this yourself check out our step by step tutorial

Recycled Milk Bottles

recycled plastic bottles to waterign cans An Easy upcycling idea that will be a real money saver for any gardener. This project will mean that you can have an indoor watering can as well as outdoor ones. This fits in really well with our No Spend Challenge that we have started for the year.

Use Old Newspapers to Make Compost Bin Liners

kitchen waste compost bin liner A really easy idea and the paper is biodegradable too. It is ideal for thos eof us who don’t want a smelly compost bin in our kitchens!


Upcycling Single Use Plastic Bottles

easy upcycling ideas We call these our Luxury Bug Homes as they are a room with a view. Meaning that if you hang them at child-friendly height then they can observe the bugs moving in. plastic soda bottle as a cloche The problem with single use plastic is far reaching. We have a use for them, however and they produce a similar result as mini greenhouses. Perfect for tender Spring seedlings that can’t take the cold of nighttime. My husband says it looks as if the aliens have landed and is quite rude about it all! But they have allowed our garden to flourish, and it could do for you too, all for free.

Upcycling for the adventurous!

We have had a great year for friends weddings. I think we must be very well prepared, because we make Seed Paper as Wedding Favours and they are the cutest gift! seeds impregnated in paper We made over three hundred of the wildflower hearts and 200 circular Brussels Sprouts! As requested by the bride, obviously!

Upcycling projects for the future!

I have loved our indoor projects with Railway Sleepers so intend to make a table. We also have a lot of projects for feeding wildlife and want to make a few more habitats like this one from Gardener’s World UK.