A Beginners Guide to Drying Hydrangeas


A lot of people assume you have to dry flowers upside down, or that you need to add Glycerin to the water when drying hydrangeas. I would disagree with these people. All you need are sharp secateurs and a vase to stand them in!


hydrangea 1.jpg

By bringing them inside, and placing them in a vase with water you can catch their colour at the moment of cutting. You can see I have gone for a wide mix. I personally love the way nature gives all of this variety, from one plant. Ensure that you remove leaves that may make contact with the water as this will encourage mould. Once the water dries out in the vase, do not replace it and this will create a slightly more subtle colour for all year, with blooms lasting well past Christmas! You can use some of them in a wreath for the Christmas table.

Vibrant hydrangeas
Honestly I have not added glycerin or any chemicals, these have not been edited in any way. This is their natural dried colour!

Why Hydrangeas?

They are so easy to grow in the UK and make for a lovely burst of colour in the garden as well as being a verdant shrub.


To buy ones like I have shown here, have a look at Suttons Red Barron Hydrangea Plant . Or For white hydrangea have a look at The Bride - flowers all summer long perfect for a fresh bouquet as well!

Dried Hydrangeas couldn’t be any easier

It really is as simple as that. No storage issues, no chemicals to fix the colour or petals, no special skills required! Reusing what the bees have already enjoyed!You will find that they also do not wilt. A wilt free flower drying method, which requires zero effort. What could be more perfect? It is also at no aditional cost to yourself.
All of the hydrangeas in this article are from the same plant. You just need to space out your pruning. Different times of the year offer you different vibrancy.

Ready for Christmas Wreaths?

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hydrangeas drying

Here are a couple of options for your gardeners toolbox, I use the ones with a handle as it is easier for me to manipulate, you may not feel the same but spend a bit more than you may do in a bargain shop as they will last a lifetime if looked after correctly.

I intend on using these in a Christmas wreath. For more decorations and inspiration please have a look at some of the below pages too!

Perfect as wedding decorations for the top table. Have a look at Paper Chain Decorations paper stars and even some Dried Citrus Decorations to keep the rustic wedding theme alive!

scrap material

These are all easily achieved crafts. I love these sustainable crafts which allow me to be creative. I would love to see what you have created and your own versions of these ideas. So please share with us and join the community.
Thank you all for reading and good luck with your own projects.