Old Baby Clothes Keepsake

Old baby clothes can be readily resold or reused in the UK. You will not struggle to find a home for most of your used items. However this project is for those extra special little outfits. The ones you can’t bare to be parted with. By creating a hand sewn memento that you can hang up in the living room or babies room forever more.

Nothing to stop you using up those baby clothes which are a bit too tired or stained to give away though! I know that I put the word out in work and was given bags of cute little outfits with rips or stains. So this is a good project for those of us wishing to create zero waste gifts.

Shopping List

A basic sewing kit –

old lace, ribbon, twine, buttons anything you have collected along the way.

Old baby clothes including bibs, baby grows etc


Dressmaking Scissors

If you want to use a sewing machine I have a few recommendations.


Old baby clothes make the perfect keepsake

Be mindful that I would be guilty of green washing you here if I didn’t mention that old baby clothes are perfectly acceptable as a gift in their own right!  This is perfect if you want a keepsake form your old baby clothes, or if they really are too shameful to reuse.

How to make eco friendly baby gifts

  1. use a piece of paper folded in half to draw a half heart. Cut this out and pin to your baby grow. You will then cut the material using a pair of sewing scissors.
  2. Do this twice. In the one shown I have used the pockets of the baby top. Because I wanted a non symmetrical heart i thoughold baby clothes make great keepsakest the pocket would look better off centre. Perhaps I will change this for any future pockets, not sure I am 100% convinced on this one. I liked the idea that the little pocket could hide sweets in the future.
  3. Now is the time to attach any extras. Hands up I did add lace to cover up some minor holes at the bottom of one piece, I also placed buttons strategically to cover a little stain. You can be free here and as creative as you like! Buttons and lace can be added by sewing on or using a suitable glue. I sewed mine on as I wanted to complete the project without adding any extra products.

You can use a sewing machine or hand stitch!

  1. Face each piece towards each other, with their backs out. Then you can start a running stitch along the edges. This will then be turned inside out later on.
  2. When you get to where you want the ribbon to be attached to hang it, place it inside the hearts.
  3. You will thebaby keepsakesn sew it into the seem you are creating. With the baby grow that I have reused it is made of the same material as t-shirts. So it is nice and stretchy. This means that you will be able to sew quite a small gap before turning it the right way round. Even the buttons that I have sewn in can be stretched around.
  4. You are then going to stuff the heart with your old stuffing. We had a tired old pillow and it has served us very well for a few projects.
  5. Once you have stuffed it nice and plump you can then sew up the final edge. Keep the stitches small and even. turning the heart inside out againIf you are lacking in confidence with this, make it as untidy as you like then place a strategic bow over the duff bit.
  6. This makes a perfect baby shower gift, or as a perfect keepsake. So whether you decide to make one or a cluster of three or four make sure they are each unique and fun.


old baby clothes create zero waste baby shower gifts or keepsakesReusing old clothes

We love finding ways to use old clothes. Whether they be used to make rag rugs, or if we are being super creative and making Rustic DIY Rag Pom Poms you can find new projects to get inspired!


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