Scarf – woven with a peg loom

If you have ever wondered what can you make with a peg loom, we have a few ideas here.  You can also try our
rag rug for a nice options as well. This has to be the quickest and most relaxing way to make a scarf. I promise, just give it a go!

You will need to buy peg loom ; Pine wood Hand made Peg loom 50 cm Large Medium and Small

A skein of yarn in any colour you like, Why not go for a colour fade like this Chunky 200g Knitting Wool -Turquoise, Red, Pink, Blue.

This will be how you make your own custom woven scarf and if you feel the need to go a bit high end with it, why not try cashmere?
A woven cashmere scarf makes a fantastic gift! You can create a long woven scarf if you choose or a shorter fatter one. You have the freedom to be as creative as you like! If you can’t weave a scarf by the end of this video I would be really surprised!


How to weave a scarf on a peg loom

This is easy to follow as it is much more simple than you might think. No hard to master stitches. No time consuming, expensive crafting here. Using a peg loom is easier than you might think! Peg loom instructions are not really instructions and I wouldn’t feel that you need peg loom design in any way either.

First you need to thread the pegs

I used a smooth contrasting wool here. I have chosen to go for 6 pegs in width. It is best to go for an even number of pegs as we will be tying them in pairs later on. I am so relaxed with measurements that I just used my arm length twice over. This is because you will be doubling up the pegs. Once threaded and with the wool hanging in front pop the pegs into the loom.

What is Peg Loom Weaving?

As simple as working the wool up the pegs and not directly onto the wool.

Please check out the very relaxing video for the exact way we work the pegs. You will need to weave all the pegs and then pull them out the loom, and keep going.

Peg Loom Scarf

This is a natural choice for making a scarf as it is so quick and when you have a lovely wool it shows it off more clearly. When you have finished with the weaving, you can secure the end by tying it into the previous row. You can then work the final pegs up the scarf and choose how taut to keep the weave. I will usually work it down a bit and ensure that it is consistent. It is a as simple as that.

peg loom weave sacrf

Why Peg loom weaving a scarf rocks

It is so quick and you can pick it up and put it down again without any worries. It is also pretty low skill level as you just weave, in and out then turn at the end and go through again the other way. There is nothing that can really go wrong with this.

So now all we want is for you to show and tell! Let’s see the creations you can make via our FaceBook Group

If you are asking what can you make on a peg loom?

The answer has to be pretty much anything. you can weave a rug on a peg loom . Or create a wall hanging on a peg loom.

So would you like to buy a peg loom or make one? We will be bringing out a video in the Summer showing you how to make a wooden peg loom, but for now buy a peg loom here Pine wood Hand made Peg loom 50 cm Large Medium and Small

I like this easy weave scarf, as it is a beginners level. I am thinking of other types of weaving for the smallholding moving forward, but for now I am sticking to mainly crochet weave scarves and peg loom woven scarves.

No reason not to get started today! You don’t need a large peg loom for this one either!