How to make Pom poms with Wool and Cardboard

Old Fashioned Fun

I guess I remember making these from when I was younger. You will find it all comes back to you once you watch the video. I hope to show you clearly how to make pom poms from cardboard and wool, a nice zero waste hobby.

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to make a pom pom, which you will then be able to go on to create all sorts of crafts with! This really is an easy way to make a pom pom with cardboard and one you can do with the whole family.

For those of you who like a YouTube video tutorial check this out…

And for those of you who like a step by step how to guide, follow below.

You Will Need:

some yarn or wool Basic Miniature Yarn Pack – 40 Yarn Bonbon Skeins 100% Acrylic – Total of 875 yards (800 m) Colourful Yarn – Perfect for any Crochet and Knitting Mini Project
child safe scissorsCrayola 3.3012 Safety Scissors (Pack of 2) 

A Pair of sharp scissors

Old cardboard the thickness of cardboard would be ideally cereal boxes etc

blu tac, or paly doh ball

Pony P45609 | Aluminium Single Ended Crochet Hook | 4mm x 15cm (6in)

Fun crafts for all teh family
Click Here for a video Tutorial


Step by step guide to making pom poms

Draw around the cup onto the cardboard, you will need two circles for each pom pom.
Cut out each circle
Using the blu tac or Play doh pop a ball of this on the table and then use the sharp pencil to make a hole in the centre of the cardboard circle
Use the sharp scissors to cut a neat circle from the centre of each cardboard circle.
Place both of the circles together and start threading the wool through to make a ring of wool

Things you can make with pom poms
Follow the above link to a video Tutorial for beginners pom pom making.

Then uing your crochet hook you should be able to get lots of wool onto the cardboard rings and this will make a nice soft ring, ready to finish off.
For the final stage, move the wool away to reveal your two cardboard rings and then slip your scissors in between them. Slowly and carefully cut around the ring rim, whilst pinching the centre or the ring between thumb and forefinger of the other hand.
Now you can gently separate the two pieces of cardboard just enough to get a length of wool around and tied tightly twice. Now you are ready to carefully rip the cardboard rings and reveal your DIY Pom Pom – tutorial complete!
You are ready to think about how you may like to use your Pom Pom, for more ideas check out my other tutorials.
Thank you and enjoy.


Cheats guide

It is not really cheating but please do not feel you have to use cardboard. You could also use the pom pom maker shown here. The benefit is that it has standardised the sizes for any future projects as well.





If you are looking for things you can make with pom poms have a look at some of the pages below! Just to get you started!


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