Rustic DIY Rag Pom Poms

Rustic Pom poms are a lot easier than you might think to make and a nice way of getting the kids involved with homemade decorations. This DIY project needs no real skill and is quick and easy!

You Will Need;
Cardboard, cut into rings
one pillowcase cut into strips
some twine for holding it all together
Dressmaking Scissors

Rustic charm will be increased if you don't have all teh edges straight and neat.
Make sure it is old pillow case that you no longer need before shredding!

Take two rings and set them together, then wrap the strips of material around the rings as per the video below.

This will create something looking like this…

Rustic fabric Christmas ornaments.
This quickly becomes a squishy fabric donut.

Then very carefully you can slide your material scissors into the top and find a way to start cutting the top of teh donut, whilst holding the centre firm to ensure no material is lost. This is a good bit for adult intervention and let the kids be distracted by something less dangerous.

You will then produce this


fabric rustic Christmas ornament
You can always use brighter material or dye it using natural dyes

For more inspiration with this easy pom pom technique have a look at a wreath or a simple pom pom rug



You can make it as crafty as you like and please be aware you do not need to use such arty photos as we have!

Easy DIY Christmas Baubles
easy DIY christmas baubles, made from rags.

Thanks and be sure to share images of your rustic pom poms!

Why not try to combine this craft with other rustic decorations for an overall zero waste Christmas?