DIY natural drain unblocker

If you are thinking of being a bit more  environmentally friendly then this is the ideal go to home hack for you! DIY natural drain unblocker is actually far more convenient than buying one as well. There is a lot of harm that chemical unblockers can cause and not just to our health but to our plumbing. By using strong caustic chemicals to dissolve hair and grease you can cause more damage to your pipes and seals. So give this a go and see how you find it!
What is the alternative to shop bought drain unblockers?

You can make a decent drain cleaner from store cupboard basics and this makes a perfect monthly deep cleaner that is affordable. We used 1/2 cup Baking Soda – sometimes called bicarbonate of Soda, 1/4 cup Table Salt and 1 cup or warm vinegar. natural drain unblocker

How easy is it to make DIY drain unblocker?

Really easy and really simple to apply. We made up the baking soda and salt together then spooned on the bath drain. Then we sort of used the end of the spoon to feed it down each hole. You warm up the vinegar slightly and once it makes contact with the baking soda mix, it starts to fizz. Leave it for fifteen minutes, with the plug in to encourage the fizz downwards. Then run the hot tap for a minute. Really easy. homemade drain unblocker

How much does a DIY drain unblocker cost to make?

For us this is all part of our attempt to  reduce household bills at the same time as having a more eco-friendly approach to the home. We think that is cost us around £2 for the ingredients. We had them in our cupboards so could avoid an extra shopping trip especially for it all.

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