Homemade Apple Bird Feeder

After we have harvested all of our apples, including our windfall, there is very little left for the birds. This DIY apple bird feeder is a super cute solution.

In the UK the RSPB have a lovely site to learn all about wild birds and what they like to eat. I am also looking to buy a few guides for my gorgeous nephews as stocking fillers. I have found a few for the UK like this beyond cute Bird Watching Set which includes binoculars as well as a bird spotters book. Hopefully you all love the idea of getting your children involved with feeding wildlife and creating ideal natural habitats.
This particular one is a bit more for the grown ups but you can make it at the same time as our pine cone bird feeder which is much more suitable for kids.


an apple
some organic twine
Wild Bird Seed
chopped nuts if you fancy and some fresh berries for a bit of colour
lard, vegetable shortening or peanut butter
Pastry Cutters, Metal I’ve gone for a heart shaped one, but then I am a bit of a softy and fancy this as a valentines present for the birds.

You will need to mix the seeds and lard/shortening or peanut butter together I go for a ratio of one cup of seeds to around 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or a quarter of a block of lard. This is a nice flexible project and can be as precise as you want it to be. If you are adding berries, leave those to the end and push them in.

heart cut into the apple for your bird feeder
Plastic cutters won’t be strong enough. Make sure you have metal ones.

Then you need to cut the apple length ways from the top to the bottom. Making two equal halves. You can use cooking apples or eating apples. Then push the cutter into the apple. It will need to go relatively deeply in. Pull it out and then with a knife start to cut out the heart shape.

I then use a cork screw or sharp knife to make a hole to push the twine through. You are now ready to spoon the mixture in to the hole you have created. Once you have all of your seeds inside you can push the bright berries in to the top as well. I have not used any here as I have a heavily berried bush next door and don’t want the birds to get too lazy!


Bird feeders are quite messy to make

If you are making the mixture yourself you may get a little bit too involved with it. My advice is go outside for this part! The seeds can really travel once spilt. This is quite a romantic way to spend an hour in the garden and then you can also start to bird watch yourselves. You never know what you may be able to attract to your garden in the way of wildlife and this is just the start.

Please post your photos and share how you have created your own little bird feeding station!

an apple a day - loving the bird feeder
An apple a day!

I have a few other fun activities to encourage more wildlife into your garden so check these out and let me know what you think!

pine cones are sustainable

Creating a natural habitat with a repurposed teapot is a lovely gift!

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