Homemade Birdfeeder using Monkey Nuts

Yes squirrels will eat the monkey nuts. But they will eat everything else you put out for the birds too! So just accept it and watch them and the birds enjoy this festive wreath in the garden.

This easy festive bird feeder is a great idea for kids to make. A simple DIY craft and an idea for rainy weekend projects.
you will need;

birdfeeder ideas
This is an easy project for an evening with family or friends.

You can make this as easy as possible for family members, by using a sharp pencil and gently pushing a hole in the middle of the monkey nuts. Then you thread the wire through the nut. Using the pliers you can shape this to a nice circle. It really isn’t a very technical project but just a nice simple one to do around the dining table.

So if you are thinking of adding more eco-friendly traditions to your Christmas or wintertime. Then this should fit the bill.

monkey nuts wreath
You can make a series of these all in loops with each other, but I prefer the wreath look with a nice ribbon on top.

I hope you agree that this will also make a lovely gift for the wildlife lovers in your life. It will add much needed food for the birds in your garden! I am hoping to build these in to little hampers for wildlife lovers and will be experimenting with more fun gifts over the next few weeks and months.

If you need any more inspiration for how to love wildlife this year have a look at this teapot birdhouse.

To keep your garden a happy place for wildlife, have a go with using Garlic Spray as a Natural Pesticide.

Or have a visit here..
pine cones are sustainable 

So please do give it a go and then let us know how you get on via our Facebook Page we want to share the love!