Best Food Dehydrator for Home


We are massive fans of our festive garlands and use dried citrus fruit in every way we can at Christmas. But now it is time to harvest our early summer crops and I also want to use a dehydrator to store my produce. So maybe this year I wont be drying my citrus in the oven.

However I want to ensure I get good value for my money! I want to pass on my advice and what I have found on this journey to find the best dehydrator for our homestead!

Best Budget Dehydrator

Coming in at under £25 this dehydrator will even dry out jerky.

Luvele Flow Food Dehydrator 250w 5 Trays Included Food Dryer Jerky Maker best food dehydrator

  • The Flow Dehydrator has an efficient 250w motor; it operates at a temperature of approx 75 degrees C. This is the suggest safe temperature of the FDA for drying meat jerky’s. So this means it will draw low electricity bills, but you can still create beef jerky, or even the more adventurous venison jerky. 
  • Its Opaque Exterior helps block harmful light which can destroy nutrients. It comes with 5 drying trays and is expandable to 8 trays.
  • Trays are 28cm in diameter. The ezy stack tray system allows the trays to fit into each other when not in use for convenient storage
  • BPA free, Phthalates free, non toxic. The top mounted fan is design for added safety, eliminating liquids for dangerously dripping into the heating chamber. Obviously this is one of the more important factors when drying foods out. If there are dangers introduced to products that will require a time of being switched on whilst you are potentially out of the house. 

So overall a good first purchase, as well as being pretty versatile in its use!

Best Lower Price Range Machine

This machine is currently selling for under £40 on Amazon.

Excelvan Food Dehydrator Fruit Dryer Machine Electric 5 Tier Food Preserver with Adjustable Temperature Control 240W/White best food dehydrator

  • Large 5 removable tiers,which allow you to dehydrate different types of food simultaneously.
  • Operated with the motor small fan, One-touch to operate,safety with overheating protection.
  • Adjustable temperature between 35-70℃ according to the different types of food you want to dry,Retains Full flavour and nutrients.
  • The dehydrator sheets take between 8 and 16 hrs to dry (different varieties).Constant stream of warm air so convenient.

70℃ is towards the lower end of acceptable for making homemade jerky and I would like to have slightly higher temperature options as well. This is a slightly larger unit than the cheaper option. For me they are both still quite small considering running times, however that means that they fit on the kitchen counter without any worries. 

Best Mid Range Dehydrator

This machine is actually priced below £50, I was looking to review the best for under £100 for you all but I sort of have fallen for this and don’t see why you wouldn’t either!

Meykey Food Dehydrator with Temperature Controller 35-70°C, Fruit-Meat Dryer, Digital Dehydrator, BPA-Free, 250W / Button best value food dehydrator

  • The bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide constant air flow for optimum drying No rotation needed.Adjustable thermostat(122-158°F)(35-70℃) It also comes with a recipe book, meaning you are not guessing about timings and temperatures. 
  • Comes with five tray system the package weight totally just 2.7 kg.Easy to clean and save. It is also much easier to leave on the top of the kitchen units as it is squared off. Stupid as it sounds but if you don’t have masses of spare space that can be a real bonus. 
  • Food can dry within hours and not just days, this is in part due to the fan operated system and the layers.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee. Enough said really. So for me this seems to be the best value family dehydrator for under £50!

Best Dehydrator for the Expert Family

This machine costs around £320 on Amazon at the moment.

BioChef Savana Food Dehydrator with 6, 9 or 12 Stainless Steel Trays, Timer & Preset Drying Modes (12 Tray)

  • Innovative Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer (TST). Energy efficient, dual fan technology which can operate independently or simultaneously. 99 hour timer and adjustable thermostat 35º -70ºC
  • 3 Pre-set drying modes to suit your needs. ‘Fast’ and ‘Regular’ drying modes to easily adjust temperature and kickstart the dehydration process. ‘Warm’ mode automatically activates to keep food in an optimum dehydrated state
  • SELECT YOUR SPACE: Option to purchase with either 6, 9 or 12 Stainless Steel trays. Includes Non Stick Sheets and Fine Mesh Sheets perfect for drying either moist/wet ingredients or smaller produce like nuts and seeds. 
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: 3 years warranty on motor & parts – UK service & support centre + 30 day money back guarantee!
  • This product is built to British standards and is equipped with a British plug to fit all standard wall sockets

The main reason to purchase a dehydrator as large as this would be for us to dry herbs, fruit, jerky and fresh flowers. At some point our smallholding will justify this scale of production. For now I want to focus on getting my temperatures and timings perfect. So I still think that I will be buying the Meykey Food Dehydrator with Temperature Controller 35-70°C, Fruit-Meat Dryer, Digital Dehydrator, BPA-Free, 250W / Button So we will keep you updated on what we produce! Why don’t you do the same by following us on Facebook? So what is stopping you from becoming a little bit more self sufficient and a whole lot less plastic reliant! If you are looking to try growing some fresh herbs, ready to dry have a look at

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