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Potato Tower Update, Getting Ready For Christmas

Potato Tower – Why build up?
Well for me it is as simple as wanting to have an easy harvest. It is far less painful on my back and means I can get a greater yield from the space I have available. It is also a great way to grow potatoes throughout Autumn and in to Winter, as it allows a really good irrigation.
You Will Need;
Seed Potatoes
Chicken Wire,

STEP ONE Simply create a cone using the chicken wire, when cutting it be careful not to catch yourself as it will be sharp.
STEP TWO find a sunny spot in the garden and set up your tower, line it with straw and ensure it wont fall over in the Autumn winds.
STEP THREE Fill to around a quarter with soil and it will sit just inside the straw lining.
STEP FOUR place three to four seed potatoes on the soil, look for ideal seed potatoes with lots of eyes all over.
STEP FIVE Cover the potatoes over and your tower will be around a third filled.

Wait a few weeks and there will be green leaves showing through, cover these up with more straw around the outside then soil. Repeat until you have filled the tower almost to the top.
Then the plant will produce flowers and the leaves will begin to fail. This is the right time to empty the tower into the compost and take all of the potatoes out for your dinner.

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