upcycled or repurposed these sacks are super useful and sustainable

Update on House Move and Finished Projects

This week has been pretty busy, with the arrival of ten large hessian sacks, meaning I optimistically started a rag rug but you may have to wait a little longer for the finished article as I have run out of tatty clothes to repurpose. Upcycling can be hard sometimes! I am going for a more sustainable Christmas this year and have started a few rustic pom poms which were actually very easy, and quite a relief considering how little scraps they use up. Having some time off this week means we have been able to start packing the house up and downsizing ready for our move in a few weeks time. We are hoping to move before Christmas so I am also making dried orange, lemons and limes ready to use in lots of decorations I will share with you all soon. As I am so mean when using the oven I also decided to make slow roasted cherry tomatoes for dinner, three hours is pretty slow and low! I hope that later this week we will also be putting together more and more gifts ready for Christmas as well as some nice treats for the wildlife in our garden. Not to mention using up the coffee sacks and making a few more extra naughty treats
I think once we move house we will have lots more fun experiences to share, but for now it will be mainly little craft projects here and there. Thank you for your support so far and I hope you are all having a lovely week.

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