upcycled or repurposed these sacks are super useful and sustainable

Update on House Move and Finished Projects

This week has been pretty busy, with the arrival of ten large hessian sacks, meaning I optimistically started a rag rug but you may have to wait a little longer for the finished article as I have run out of tatty clothes to repurpose. Upcycling can be hard sometimes! I am going for a more sustainable Christmas this year and have started a few rustic pom poms which were actually very easy, and quite a relief considering how little scraps they use up. Having some time off this week means we have been able to start packing the house up and downsizing ready for our move in a few weeks time. We are hoping to move before Christmas so I am also making dried orange, lemons and limes ready to use in lots of decorations I will share with you all soon. As I am so mean when using the oven I also decided to make slow roasted cherry tomatoes for dinner, three hours is pretty slow and low! I hope that later this week we will also be putting together more and more gifts ready for Christmas as well as some nice treats for the wildlife in our garden. Not to mention using up the coffee sacks and making a few more extra naughty treats
I think once we move house we will have lots more fun experiences to share, but for now it will be mainly little craft projects here and there. Thank you for your support so far and I hope you are all having a lovely week.

Healthy Homemade Coleslaw

Healthy, Creamy, Homemade Coleslaw

It is not always easy to get your young ones to eat their vegetables, especially as winter draws in. This dish will offer a healthy spark of colour that will prove irresistible to everyone and is a real crowd pleaser as part of a dirty burger stack alongside our feta and avocado guacamole.

You Will Need;
1/2 small red cabbage
1/2 red onion
1 carrot
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
4 tbsp. Mayonnaise (to make this into a vegan dish just simply swap out for an egg-free version)

I like to finely chop all of the ingredients and then add the mayonnaise, I wrap it and pop it in the fridge for a few hours before eating.An easy recipe for creamy coleslaw the homemade way!

This allows the mayonnaise to turn this otherwise everyday coleslaw into a purple vibrant dish. You can vary the amount of Mayonnaise used, but I like just a covering not too much.

Pro Tip – if encouraging young ones to eat their vegetables, this makes a really good Halloween themed dish – Cauldron Coleslaw. The red cabbage becomes monster brains and the yellow peppers are ghoulish teeth, the vibrant colours will allow your imagination to run wild! This goes very well with homemade dirty burgers, after a nights trick or treating or a bonfire celebration!

Healthy, homemade and creamy this coleslaw recipe is a perfect family pleaser!

I would love to see how you work out your family versions of this simple dish, adding sweetcorn, sultanas or taking away the red onion for spring onions instead! Let’s start to share our own versions!

easy to make DIY wreath for a baby shower gift

DIY Pom Pom Heart Wreath

A perfect gift for any baby shower, this cute wreath is easy to make and takes no real skill at all! This how to make guide is very easy and fun for all the family.
For the beginners guide of how to make a pom pom please follow the link.

Once you have made enough pom poms all you then need is a solid frame to build around, I found this one in a pound shop and this means I can then leave long ties for the pom poms and then create my own wreath.

Pick colours to suit your moods
This DIY wreath is easy to adapt to any occasion, in this example it is for my baby niece, but I want to make one for Christmas as well.

You will be able to build the wreath as you go and it is not a difficult craft to master.

easy to make DIY wreath for a baby shower gift
Heart shaped pom pom wreath, ideal for a baby shower.

Let me and everyone else on here know how you get on with it, why not give it a go over one cold winters evening?
I am looking forward to giving this as a gift, but who do you know that would love one of these?