Vibrant hydrangeas for all of winter

Winter is Coming – look out

Winter has been really slow to appear this year. But wow is it here now, with an oomph! I have been wandering around the City from one appointment to another and have been like a bundle of wool. So it has really focused my mind on the wildlife in our gardens and how this sudden drop has affected them. I have put together a few bird feeder ideas and hope that this will inspire those of us who are creative and caring. I have also popped one together for our younger audience as I know getting mucky with a pine cone and seeds will really appeal to a lot of kids!

With the coming of winter also comes the dread of Christmas presents. Both the giving and receiving. It is so hard to be green at Christmas! So my decorations are developing and I am putting together more for you all to try in the next few weeks. I am also looking at eco-friendly wrapping options as this will really have a long term impact.

I am more focused on my works secret Santa gift than I should be, but it is hard to spend five whole pounds when I have so many free or upcycled gift ideas. I have to admit that I did swap my name with a friend as he didn’t know his! All in all I think we are ready for winter and the oncoming challenges of shorter days and a lack of sunlight. It can get very gloomy and I am trying to combat it. I know I am not the only one who finds achieving things in the winter much harder than in the summer. So I have started to make a wreath out of the very easy dried hydrangeas which I have some very vibrant ones. I am combining it with all of that Hessian I was given. So I hope this works out ok for Christmas presents.

The house move is coming on a pace and this is in no way scaring me! We have given our fridge freezer away as well as our washing machine and we will be moving in two weeks. So this means leaving milk hanging form the window, just like when we were students. This is so strange but we are downsizing to get a bigger garden. A more sustainable home will mean less stress. It will also mean less impact on the environment. Something we are both very pleased about.

So we plan on leaving all of the bird feeders here as well as a few birdhouses. This way we will know that our wildlife here is still being looked after. I hope to get another post out to you all before we move as we are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible in our move and I have written an article on it here. I hope you all fidnthis useful.
As ever thank you all for your support and I hope that you can feel inspired and start to share your photos of your successes!

The start

Christmas crafting and waiting to move…

It has been another packed fortnight. We are getting ready for the move and have taken the chance to look round the new house again, well mainly the garden and sheds. It still feels unreal and as if at any given moment it will all shift again. There must be a word for when life eventually slots in to place, but you are too suspicious to enjoy it? Well that level of caution is ok for now, but we intend to move before Christmas…..So now on to my conundrum. Do we ignore the festive period until we have moved or do I go all in and get my zero waste presents sorted and wrapped ready in advance?
Obviously I chose the second option, but this is quickly filling my house with funky stars of all sizes made up from old books which didn’t make it to the charity shop, or old wrapping paper form my birthday presents. I am also so fidgety in the evenings with anticipation I may have cut and stuck around about a mile of paper chains, which I am hoping will be transported easily to the new house! I keep thinking that if I limit my crafting to only upcycled gifts, it doesn’t count. But when your house is already a little too full of boxes and all of your crockery is slowly disappearing into cardboard packing cases, perhaps a spot of calm wouldn’t go a miss?
I did manage to find lots of rags and old clothes for my rag rug, so at least that is completed. I feel like it may have left a bit of a hole in my creativity though and so I have been playing around with lots of old wrapping paper to make some rustic stars or flowers really for our own tree. The new house has a log burner and I am really looking forward to drying out the citrus fruit on there and filling the house with a gorgeous smell of Christmas.
I do realise how much we have to achieve before then though and perhaps we need a little motivation from time to time. Thanks for reading and as I am writing this I think I will be putting together an article on zero waste house moves as that seems like a real struggle at the moment.
Let me know what you are enjoying and what you may like to see more of in the future.

Thanks again and please have a lovely couple of weeks,

upcycled or repurposed these sacks are super useful and sustainable

Update on House Move and Finished Projects

This week has been pretty busy, with the arrival of ten large hessian sacks, meaning I optimistically started a rag rug but you may have to wait a little longer for the finished article as I have run out of tatty clothes to repurpose. Upcycling can be hard sometimes! I am going for a more sustainable Christmas this year and have started a few rustic pom poms which were actually very easy, and quite a relief considering how little scraps they use up. Having some time off this week means we have been able to start packing the house up and downsizing ready for our move in a few weeks time. We are hoping to move before Christmas so I am also making dried orange, lemons and limes ready to use in lots of decorations I will share with you all soon. As I am so mean when using the oven I also decided to make slow roasted cherry tomatoes for dinner, three hours is pretty slow and low! I hope that later this week we will also be putting together more and more gifts ready for Christmas as well as some nice treats for the wildlife in our garden. Not to mention using up the coffee sacks and making a few more extra naughty treats
I think once we move house we will have lots more fun experiences to share, but for now it will be mainly little craft projects here and there. Thank you for your support so far and I hope you are all having a lovely week.