ex-battery hens

Rehoming ex-battery hens – are we ready?

The time has come and our ex-battery hens will be ready for collection in a few weeks time. We are waiting patiently and have really been looking forward to this moment. However this is a massive responsibility and one we have researched thoroughly. I still feel those nerves in the pit of my stomach, but we want to have a fox proof happy home for our hens to roam around.

Do ex-battery hens lay eggs?

Yes they do, we will be collecting them when they are already around 18 months old. This means that in the world of battery chickens they have reached their usefulness and will no longer be laying consistently. We will be taking on four girls and hope to have a few eggs a day from them. Things like giving them plenty of protein in their diets will help, so a tasty example would be DRIED MEALWORMS which we will add in to their feed. In fun ways – obviously.

Once they are free roaming they will find their own sustenance and that is why we have been using natural pesticides only in our garden.

How long do battery hens live?

In the world of commerce they would be used for pet food or chicken paste at 18 months. In reality once they have arrived with you, they could live happily for many more years to come, laying for the majority of that time.

Where can I find ex-battery hens for rehoming?

By using a charity like British Hen Welfare Trust you can extend their lives and give them real happiness. Once you register you are put in contact with the hen rehoming team and it is all very much geared around their welfare and looking after them! Just the way we like it.

What do I need in terms of a chicken coop or run?

Think fox and think fox again. You need a coop of sturdy construction that will prevent Mr fox from wriggling under and attacking your rehomed hens. a palace for ex battery hens  Chicken Coop, this is the model we are going for. There is easy access to the rear to clean out and it has a bit of roaming space for the hens. Alongside this we will be allowing them to free range the rest of the garden.

How many hens should we rehome?

We have thought long and hard about this as our garden space is so big. However the hens we rehome will be our first and we want to get it right. So we have gone for four initially. Hoping that the pecking order will not push one out to be on her own. Also the above coop is big enough for up to 6 hens so it should mean plenty of space to roost and bed down each night.

What else do I need for my ex-battery hens?

I am buying these ex-battery hens 3 Litre Economy Drinker and 3kg Economy Feeder Red and White Set as we want to go to work in the day and trust that they will be okay. They may come across as being bird brained but they are intelligent animals so I will be making lots of fun toys for them to peck their way through. Not being particularly fussy eaters will help a lot with this! I can imagine that whatever has been eating my courgette will stop once the chickens are free ranging, only for the chickens to start.

We are so excited and will be finding our way throughout this journey, please do subscribe and find out more. Small steps to our bigger dream of a smallholding. I hope that we can show you how to raise battery hens in your own back garden too.

If you want to buy chickens now have a look at the article we have written with a bit more advice of your next steps.



Reuseable Sanitary Pads – The Truth

We are going to have to have some real talk here and at times this is going to be an open and frank reality check. Periods are the least favourite part of being a woman and sometimes all you want is to feel less horrible and uncomfortable.

Let’s talk a bit about the reasons why you would change over first of all.

  • Environmental effects of each months waste products. Disposable sanitary pads get thrown away and end up in landfill. They are also full of plastics to begin with and don’t get me started with the packaging. With reuseable sanitary pads we can reuse what we have purchased with no plastics touching our delicate skin.
  • Cost effective nature of a one off purchase. We are on a family budgeting challenge and using disposables can cost a lot of money each month. Now I am able to cut that cost to zero on a month to month basis. I think that large set up cost can be prohibitive, but how much does your period cost you each month? £10-£15? Maybe more if you are caught short in work and have to use the machine in the ladies toilets.
  • I can’t be the only one who finds it unhygienic to have the plastic disposable pads so close to my skin? In the height of summer it can really start to gross me out, however cotton is far softer and less sweaty.
  • Rustling, plastic scrunching sound. I hate changing my towel in a public toilet and the ripping sound when you pull off the plastic backing. I prefer to be discrete and as ladylike as possible!
zero waste = zero spend
Who is interested to avoid the so called tampon tax in the UK?

If all this is true, what is holding us back?

So financially, environmentally and for our health and comfort it is on balance better to use reusable pads. I think of myself as an intelligent woman, so why have I not made the change? I’m going to go through my list of reasons why I was hesitant below, I will be as honest as possible and try to cover ever aspect, no matter how small.

Are our concerns around reuseable sanitary pads justified?

What is stopping you from having a more eco-friendly period?

I really do not like the idea of the cup type of protection and have shied away from featuring that in this article. Instead I have focused on the old-fashioned cotton sanitary pads. Ones which are washable and reuseable.

I have a heavy flow will reuseable sanitary pads be able to cope?

What most companies have worked out is that we all have heavy days and then hopefully the lighter days towards the end of our period. Rather cleverly they have mostly invented packs for a flow for a period. So by buying Heavy flow / night time pads alongside medium flow / panty liners it can make for the right balance.
You know your period better than anyone else. I have a nightmare in the first few days and can hate how often i need to change my pads when out and about. Each of the kits mentioned above come with wet/dry zip bags. I will come to that in a minute as it is a lot less gross than you might be thinking.

Do reuseable sanitary pads make a good fit into my underwear?

Well you do not have keep to your period pants like normal. So I find that they fit in really easily with adjustable poppers. Much easier to get the right fit than the plastic type with sticky backing. When using the old fashioned type you can’t adjust the fit once you have stuck, with these you can. For me these are even better than the mass produced disposable ones. I don’t find I have too much movement once they are in place. The movement that I do have seems to go with my natural movement rather than against it.

The other benefit is that I am silent for the day. No more rustling when I turn or even walk. So a good fit, with no leakages and a more breathable experience from the natural cotton. I was really relieved the first time as it really plays into my worst nightmare of periods. I hate the idea of being in the middle of work and needing to change my clothes because of an accident. These do manage to give me a better level of discretion and I feel confident with them already. reuseable sanitary pads, love them or hate them?

Is there a large cost to buying the pads to begin with?

I like to think that I am frugal in most areas and we certainly take it seriously with things like our No Spend Challenge and how we are looking to make real changes.
If I buy all of my sanitary pads from the cheapest places I still think each month would cost around £10-£15 depending on how shocked I was to find myself caught short. A pack of ten like these ones Women Hygiene Sanitary Pad, Feminine Reusable Panty Liner,Bamboo Cloth Mama Menstrual Sanitary Nappy Towel Pad (25.5 x 18cm) (10PCS) will cost less than £20. So I think I will need two of these for a full months period. This means I was a bit clever and bought one pack and mixed it up with the odds and sods I had left over. This also served to remind me how much I hated the scrunchy, crunchy, plastic, sweaty ones.
Three months in to the new way of doing things and you will have broken even. They will last around five years if hand washed. I intend to machine wash as I am not lazy, just realistic. But if I waned to hand wash each month I have information on that below as well.

How do you clean your reuseable sanitary pads?

It is not as gross as you may think, and now that I have done it a few times I do not know how I used to use the communal sanitary bin in works toilet. Totally unhygienic to get involved with others periods.

The reuseable sanitary pads are really made of cotton or bamboo cloth, so need treating like any other cloth items. Please see my step by step guide below for how to wash your reuseable sanitary pads.

Are reuseable sanitary pads a bit gross?

I needed time to get my head around this one. Basically I have had times when I have had to soak and wash bed sheets or pants, only when I have been taken by surprise but I have just got on with it. So what would be the difference here? Not to sound too much like a militant feminist but, who told us we had to spend all this money each month just to have a period? In the recent past, like my own mother’s time, we all used old cotton rags. Hence the rather lovely term ‘on the rag’. If we used to just deal with it then, why not now?

Three steps to clean your reuseable sanitary pads:

  1. A little water proof pouch. I have two, one for ready to use pads and one for used pads. Just fold the used ones in four and pop in to the pouch until I get home. Far more discrete than the ripping the loud plastic pads and opening up the grim and frankly unclean sanitary bin in a public toilet. This reminds me to say that just because we have become accustom to something does not make it alright! No matter how you control the communal sanitary bin with your foot, you still have to pop the towel into it and run the risk of touching someone else’s period. Don’t get me started about blood born viruses!
  2. I have a little water tight bin with a lid in my bathroom. This allows me to rinse the reusable pads and then leave to soak in cold water for at least 6 hours before washing. You can change the water as many times as you like. As I mentioned earlier the heavier the period you are having the more you will need in terms of protection. Be prepared to rinse away the main blood before soaking. It isn’t that horrible and as you do it as you go, even when you are out you bring it home and rinse immediately. It is easier and less off putting than you might think.
  3. Cold Process Soap. This allows me to get all of the stains out each time. You can also add the pads to your usual wash load. The main thing to remember is hand wash is easier, but always in cold water. If you do want to put them through the washing machine, remember to put them into the hand wash cycle on the coldest setting. This will help with removing stains. The soaking process will also help a lot! What I do is wait until the end of my period before doing any laundry then put them all in together. You can then pop some cute gloves on and do it all in one.

So I don’t think it is too gross and I would rather deal with my own reusable pads than have to use a communal sanitary bin ever again! Once they are washed out you just need to make sure that you have dried them thoroughly. Hang dry for the best results. I would not try tumble drying as it may stretch the fabric in unpredictable ways.

Are cotton sanitary pads more comfortable?

100 per cent yes! Like they move with you and there is no wedge or crinkle. They keep you less sweaty and that means you do not produce as much bacteria.

However some people claim that the cotton or bamboo type results in less cramping. I cannot claim to have found the same to be true. I am no medical practitioner and this could be a really obvious link, but I can only speak from my own experience. Just because I do not see any change in the levels of discomfort from my own body. Weirdly though, if I had not read an article stating that this was a link I would not have expected it at all!! So no hard feelings here, my sanitary pads provide me with confidence and allow me to get on with my day!

Why would you change to reuseable sanitary pads?

For me the main motivator was the fact that the plastic ones are not disposable. They do not just disappear once they have left my house. Some people used to flush them and I remember all sorts of horror stories about our oceans. Obviously now we know the real life crises we are all living through.

My thought process went “well if I have to suffer to save the Planet, so be it” then I tried them and now I want to use them. I tried https://luckypads.com/ and have been very happy with them. I may even try making more of my own in the future. You know life can surprise you, but I am glad to say that I have a much more affordable period each month now and can only imagine how much I will save across my lifetime.

Still counting the days to menopause though!


You may wish to learn more about different ways to live an environmentally friendly life and we have plenty to offer in terms of  Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials or having a closer look at Zero Waste No Spend Kitchen Wins as we want to save our wallet as well as the planet!

Sunshine Blogger Top UK Bloggers

Sunshine Blogger – Top UK Bloggers

The Sunshine Blogger Awards involves some of the Top UK Bloggers. I have been very honoured to have been nominated by littletinkablee who has a fab blog around lifestyle and mental health. Well worth popping over to her site!


What you have to do…


  • Thank the person who nominated you and don’t forget to link back to their site
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by your nominators
  • Nominate at least 11 more bloggers for the award
  • Write 11 new, creative questions for your nominees to answer
  • Notify your nominees via social media or by commenting on their blog
  • Lastly, List the rules and display The SunShine Blogger Award logo on your site or in your post – I have created my own!


So the questions that the lovely @tinkableeblog has asked me to answer are below.

  1. What Personality trait has gotten you the most in trouble? It has to be my stubbornness. Like I will not let something go if I know it is wrong. Hence my posts around no spend and zero waste. I hate people thinking that going green has to cost the earth, so I show people how to get around it in a frugal way!


2. If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would you pick? I love my middle name – Elizabeth as my first name is Alex I can be mistaken for a man. Especially as I am an electrician by trade and, sadly this is still rare.

3. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? I used to think training to be an electrician was pretty courageous but now I realise that starting my blog was the hardest thing. It is tough to keep your head up and compete with some of the top UK bloggers we have, but I am happy to just be in the same sphere as some of the guys I will link to below!

4. Would you rather be laughing uncontrollably for the rest of your life or uncontrollably crying? I think when I am not feeling depressed I am pretty much laughing all day anyway! So I will go with laughing uncontrollably!!

5. If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be? We have five Degus. We started with two boys, but Pinky gave birth one Christmas, much to the shock and disgust of The Brain. Both of them turned out to be girls and we have now got an extra two boys and one daughter. So I would ask why was The Brain so upset when Pinky gave birth? I would ask Gillian why she mistook my finger for a pecan in its shell the other day. Then I would ask them why they have to flick their poop so far!!

6. What’s a great book you’ve read recently? This is a tough one, but rather geekily it is the IET Guidance Notes for Electric Vehicles. I have just qualified to install and see this as the new technology of our generation.

7. If your life was a movie, what songs would be on the sound track? I love Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. It sums me up a lot and we loved our time in Tanzania so it reminds us of that as well!

8. As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up? I used to want to write books on craft and clever little ideas. So now my blog is my childhood dream come true!

9. Which is better – A novel or a movie? Not as easy a question as you might think as I love Discworld and am really looking forward to the adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens. However if they do not talk in the exact way I imagine they should it will kill me!

10. If Mars was liveable, would you accept a one-way ticket there? No, I get seasick just sitting on a boat in the harbour so I think that a trip to Mars would make me so ill!

11. What’s one pet peeve of yours that you wish that you could get rid of – because it hampers your enjoyment of life? The idea that small steps don’t make a difference. Plant that tree, walk the one mile journey, avoid the single use plastic, say no to chemical pesticides. I wish people would stop feeling so powerless!


Top UK Bloggers

This is the tough bit as I think there are so many bloggers I have linked with and benefitted from during my first year. So picking top UK bloggers only would limit my range too much! The blogging community is international!

I would like to nominate;

Amy over at FamilyEdventures for her relentless enthusiasm and generosity to her subscribers.

I also love the great work over at f00dventures – great recipes with easy to follow nutritional advice, it pays to listen to a registered dietitian.

I would also like to thank AbsolutelyTrueConfessions for all of her support from the very beginning, I am in no doubt that she is one of the kindest bloggers out there!

If you are looking for an inspiring role model let me introduce you to Jenni from HousewifeHustle !

If you love sustainable and affordable pop on over to LittleMillHouse

For more gorgeous garden ideas I would recommend CrazyOrganicMama

I cover a little section about finances, however TheFrugalFellow has so many more ideas and tricks! Or you could also check out TheRayJourney who is equally fab and inspiring!

For some seriously interesting articles on all things green you will enjoy SmartMoneyGreenPlanet and all the work she does.

I am a sucker for this wonderful lady – ThePreppingWife as she has great recipes with easy to follow instructions as well as good practical advice along the way!

For a slightly different blog check out Frantasmagoria lots of gruesome and ghostly reviews and stories!

Questions for my bloggers

  1. what animal would you like to be?
  2. where would you like to visit again from any past trips?
  3. Who influenced your career decisions?
  4. what has been your biggest fear conquered?
  5. What is your favourite thing that ‘money can’t buy’?
  6. how would you describe your blog?
  7. what would you do differently on reflection?
  8. What is the best wish you have for the future generations?
  9. when did you decide to give blogging a go?
  10. How do you stay focused on your blogging goals?
  11. Where do you see your blog in five years time?


So a big thank you to LittleTinkablee for the nomination and please do all follow the fabulous accounts above!

i like big butts and i cannot lie - water butts that is

Is it possible to save on your water bill?

As part of my No Spend Challenge for the Year I am looking at my ‘fixed’ bills. I have found that actually a few of them are less ‘fixed’ than you might think. The first is my regular £60 a month Direct Debit to the water company. This amounts to around £720 a year.

How can I reduce my water bill?

We are two adults in a three bedroomed house. It is a small three bedroomed house but it is still assumed that on average most houses this size will have three or more people living in them. However the water company will make a judgment based on the rental yield for your property. So our three bed in the midlands would rent for more than our three bed in West Wales. Hence the massive jump! Now obviously some households will use more than the average for that rental and some will use less.

Meaning sometimes they lose money and sometimes they make money. SO by asking to pay by a meter you are asking to pay for the units you use and only the units you use.

How does my water bill work?

All bills come in two sections;

  1. the fresh water that comes from your taps – hot or cold
  2. the sewerage drain off, sometimes referred to as foul water or grey water. It is what goes back into the sewers and is estimated at around 95% of what goes in.

If you have a vacant property for any length of time have a look at the governments help site, Ofwat.gov.uk.

Is a meter right for me?

The average household water bill is at around £400 pa. We don’t love to waste water as it has to be treated and there is an environmental impact that comes with that. So we believe that even with a garden we will save money on a metered service. This decision may not be the right one for you so there are a few sites which allow you to check like a water meter calculator.

After having used the calculator I can see massive savings for us with a meter!

Firstly let’s make sure we are still all on the same page for how to save water!!

Disclaimer – there are affiliate links in here which I may receive a small fee for, without any additional cost to yourselves.

How do I keep my usage low?

Ban the hose

like seriously completely ban it. Not for watering the plants, not for cleaning the car and not for filling the pond! We have two water butts that we managed to buy in the sale from Water Butts Direct.


We don’t even use a watering can that we have bought as we are that frugally minded that we use Plastic Bottle Recycled to a Watering Can.

That is just the zero waste eco warrior inside of me coming out but it does save money by not buying a watering can!

For washing the car use water in a bucket and rinse down with a fresh bucket and sponge.

When you fill the pond with rain water it allows for a wider spectrum of native wildlife to flourish and themiddlesizedgarden.co.uk has a lovely article outlining the reasons why and some fun ideas for getting a small pond started.

Share a bath?

Well this is one of the more popular ideas! We tend to shower and don’t take long as we are always in a rush to leave the house. I do like a bath occasionally though and when I do I make sure I enjoy it to the maximum. I use lots of bath bombs and lots of bubbles. Hopefully this year I will share some ideas for making your own as some of them do still come wrapped in single use plastics! The one shown here is organic and wrapped in paper, and very suitable for a luxury bath!

Turn off the tap!

An obvious sounding one, but when cleaning our teeth we use around 6 litres of water a minute. Now I’m pretty sure I take longer than a minute to brush mine, but only dip the toothbrush under the tap two or three times. What about rinsing under the tap before you wash up? That sounds a good idea.

Are you flushing away money with the water?

For those of us who hate the phrase ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down’ perhaps we could look at a toilet cistern block like a
Hippo the Water Saver.These are specifically designed not for the slimline type cistern but for those without a limiter. You can still avoid a few flushes throughout the day if you like too!

Washing up versus a dishwasher!

By using products which are not harmful to the environment like you can reuse your washing up water for the plants! So this also leads on to always using a washing up bowl, you will use less water and it will be immediately transportable. Even if you are just topping up the water butt.

If you use a dishwasher there are savings to be made, but only when you fill it up completely!

Keep a fresh cold drink of water at hand

As simple as that keep a jug filled with tap water in the fridge. You wont need to run the tap to get it cold.

What next?

For us we are going to get a water meter. The calculator that I used shows we can save around £350 every year. So it is a simple yes. We may be able to save even more if we follow our own advice. Eventually we will look to build our own off grid homestead and then we can get super serious about rainwater harvesting!

I would like to leave you all with a link to a small article from Oxford Brookes on the environmental impact of ‘cleaning’ water for human consumption. As you may have a large family and it may not initially seem achievable. So if the financial costs aren’t an incentive perhaps the carbon ones will be?

WE love saving money and the hopefully contributing to saving the planet too. So if we have inspired you at all please do share this and get involved with our other media via our Facebook Page or even our Facebook Group Zero Waste No or Low Spend Ideas and Inspiration.

The main thing is to try and reduce your usage and then decide if you are ready as a household to take that plunge! I would advise it to anyone with more rooms than people living in the house, but also to all those who can be economical with their use.


  1. get a big butt
  2. turn off the tap
  3. shower or get cosy in a bath
  4. think before you flush
  5. wash up to create grey water
  6. chill the tap water ready in the fridge
  7. hand wash your car
  8. get a meter if you are confident that you fit the criteria!


zero waste glass jars

Zero Waste No Spend Kitchen Wins

You will be surprised that you have never thought of these easy zero waste no spend hacks for the kitchen. Saving the Earth has never been more affordable, or fun. Do not worry about skill level. I can do it, you can do it!!

Affiliate links are contained in this post meaning I may take an income from any sales at no cost to yourself.

If in doubt about what a No Spend Challenge is have a read of our Getting Started Guide or have a watch of our how to YouTube video…

Bulk buying / safe storage / happy prepping!

A no spend challenge does not mean no spending! Complex I know. What it means is that you make the most of what you have got. When there is a sale or you have a coupon you must make the most of this. Capitalising on a bargain is the only time it is a bargain. So please do not be pulled in by sales for things you cannot store or use. Sometimes I have been guilty of creating more waste by ‘bargain’ shopping. I am mainly talking about your food shop here! Do not bulk buy shoes or handbags!

Zero Waste Storage Solutions

My in-laws have a serious caffeine issue. They have very kindly donated to me all of their used coffee jars for the last few months. I also have some super usefulChalk Paint which I use for SO MANY projects! So for me this makes sense…

plastic waste free jars
Bulk Buying only makes sense when you need what you are buying. To reduce waste, I use glass storage jars.

To reduce any chance of waste I store all dried goods in these sealable jars. As I have painted on them I have the space to also pop on the best before date, to the lid. This means when stored I can still see.



Grow Your Own = Zero Waste

A packet of seeds will only cost a few pounds, but will produce a high yield for your kitchen.


I have been swapping plants with neighbours and sometimes you will be able to grow just a few plants from seeds, and then get some young plants in exchange. Suddenly zero waste and luxury fresh food go hand in hand with budget planning. This rocks for me as

no waste here
easy to grow from seed or cuttings, you will have a never ending supply.

I always find a weekly shop with fresh fruit and vegetables will cause food waste. So therefore I go mid-week, meaning actually I spend more in the shops.

Think about high cost items like fresh herbs, these are a good investment to grow rather than purchase from a supermarket! 

This year I have even grown lavender from seed! Always read the instructions on the packet and make sure that you look on Freecycle for people giving away plant pots.

Compost Your Veg Scraps

We have just made a compost heap from old pallets. This means we can have two bins on the go, the first we fill then move to the second one once the first is getting ready to be used. This gives us a constant supply of free, hig

h quality compost. So alongside the free pots, cuttings and seedlings we are doing ok. There is no plastic required to wrap our food up before it arrives with us, we just dig it out of the ground. I have a few clever little ideas for maximising small spaces. You could easily try things like Potato

zero waste here
Putting your waste to good use.

Towers as they are so easy on your back.

Small space – fast pace compost

We are working towards moving to a smallholding. So we have not always had a medium sized garden, or any garden in fact. So we are pretty happy with windowsill gardening – see micro greens and how to grow them.

I write all this so you realise that I understand. We do not all have massive spaces to cultivate. If you wanted to purchase a compost bin as one of your larger investments you could do worse than a ready made compost bins.But do check your local Facebook swap shops for pallets. I also like the rotating compost bin as it can be a much quicker process and flies and vermin cannot get in. Which means you can use your zero waste ethos to the max!

tips on creating tasty zero waste mealsLazy Zero Waste Cooking

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a lazy person. However, why would I waste time cooking from scratch every night? I do make sandwiches and use a beeswax wrap instead of cling film as it has a single cost attached and doesn’t make any further waste.

Next thing I do for lunch is leftovers – glamourous, wonderful leftovers. So obsessed am I with ‘no waste’ that I actually create waste by making too much food. That way I can have it reheated for lunch the next day, or use some of the ingredients for dinner the next night.

Best waste to create..

Roasted vegetables are my absolute go to. If you roast root veg you can then use it again in an omelette type dish. Or in many different ways, but if you go

Leftovers create waste to be eaten.
soups, ‘spanish’ omelettes, cold with dips, twice cooked, or frozen for a later date. Root veg rock!

for Mediterranean veg you can make soups, bases for pasta sauces and all sorts of other yummy ideas. Either way you can add as much or as little flavour as you like. If you are growing your own veg, this is virtually cost free. Perfect for a No Spend Larder Challenge! To be fair though I have a block when it comes to carrots as mine are always wonky!

When can an egg clean your clothes?

When it is an eco-egg! The one here says it will clean 1000 loads, I have asked several forums and the consensus seems to be even more.
so far I am very happy with ours and it works out A LOT cheaper than any other detergent available. I also have very delicate skin, and it is not having an adverse affect. So I would recommend giving it a try. Very much a better option for our oceans and our pockets!

inspiring bit …

I hope that I have given you all a few places to start. We are finally feeling free because of our No Spend Challenge but we have always been super keen on upcycling and reusing. I want us all to feel more confident to give things a try and if there is no cost attached I think we have nothing to lose! Please get started and let us all know how you do on our Facebook Page or by subscribing here! So time to get stuck in! Make that promise to yourself, you are going to buy the seeds, start the compost, use a wrap, save your leftovers. Whatever it takes to make the first step, you can do it!

Zero waste can mean zero cost!

I’m going to be adding more. So why not join in? why not start saving money? Why not carry on Saving the planet? I’m loving it, so might you!