DIY hot chocolate stirrers spoons

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Stirrers – spoons

Hot chocolate stirrers make wonderful gifts for a class at Christmas, or as favours for a winter wedding! If we are honest they can get expensive if you are buying ready made ones! hot chocolate stirrers spoons ready made Even though they look sumptuous they are also often wrapped in single use plastics.

We want an affordable luxury gift!

These, 25 Muffin Forms , Reusable, high-Quality Silicone, Environmentally Friendly, BPA-Free – Cupcake Forms, Baking Forms, Cupcake Muffin Forms are a real saving grace. mainly because they are reusable and eco-friendly. Hot chocolate stirrers need bendy cases that can be removed

We used the Lakeland Silicone 20 Hole Mini Muffin & Cake Baking Mould as we wanted to keep them all together and push them out. The worry is you can have too much chocolate on each spoon and the drink becomes a bit yuck. The sides are rigid which really helps hold it all together.

Then you are also going to need some Wooden Teaspoons these ones are fully biodegradable and will go straight on the compost after use. the basis for hot chocolate stirrers are spoons All very in keeping with an Eco-Friendly Christmas or wedding, party any excuse really! The basis of hot chocolate stirrers are wooden spoons!

Making the Chocolate Stirrers

This is a good family activity and will be lovely as a gift for class mates at the end of year. However there is a lot of heat when we melt the chocolate, so depending on skill levels adults may be in charge of pouring.

broken chocolate ready to melt

To melt the chocolate we used a saucepan with a pyrex dish on it. The saucepan has water in it and the dish sits on top without touching the water at all. Break the chocolate down into small pieces. One bar of cooking chocolate will make around 4 spoons of very full chocolate. It has to be cooking chocolate as we want the stirrers to work in hot milk. The chocolate just needs to melt and not cook at all.

a spoonful of chocolate melted and ready

Keep stirring and when it has all melted take it from the heat. Then you can pour into the silicon cupcakes.

stand the spoons up in the chocolate

Watch our wonderfully awful video showing how easy it is to get the sticks to stand up! It is an epic fail but we did enjoy it and got them to stand tall eventually, but that is why we now use wooden spoons not sticks! Our epic fail is your triumph!

Now to make them unique…

Make your hot chocolate spoons unique!

The beauty of DIY hot chocolate stirrers is that you can load those spoons with all of their favourite things. Marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, lace it with alcohol anything you like.

If you are melting the chocolate over the hob it is the ideal time to add small amounts of alcohol at a time. This will not split the cooking chocolate and will depend on how you want it to turn out. We love Baileys in ours as it goes so well in hot chocolate.

milk chocolate stirrers with spoons and marshmallows

If you are adding marshmallows use some patience! Wait until it is cooler. Then sprinkle on top. We use the mini marshmallows to hold the spoons in place as well!

Other Low Cost Ideas

needle felted baubles

fat quarters
The perfect accessory for a cosy night in front of the fire